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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back to Life, Back to Reality

So ... the holidays are over and I'm back at work. Uggggh. I've only been back three days and already have little motivation. I wonder why that is?? It's also a couple of weeks till pay day and I am pretty brassic, having spent a considerable amount over Christmas and on people's pressies etc, so holding out until then is ... tricky. Still I have a work bonus to look forward to, which at least will clear my existing debts and bring my bank balance down to zero. And hopefully there'll be a little bit of spending money left over too. That's a lot more than some people get eh?

This is probably the hardest time of year for people really. It's cold and dark in the mornings and cold and dark when you get home at night. It's so hard having to drag yourself back into work after a period of making merry and relaxing with your loved ones. The newspapers have been full of stories of record numbers of people taking sickies on their first day back at work after the Christmas break. And rail fares have sky rocketed once again, not a great way to start off the new year. Scandalous!!

Anyway enough doom and gloom. As it's a brand new year, there's got to be some reasons to be cheerful, surely? Mmm, sounds like a good title for a post...


  • At 9:01 am , Blogger Minge said...

    Back to the hear and now.

  • At 1:20 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...


    Which just leaves me to ask:
    "Whatever Happened to Soul II Soul"? Can you assist, Minge?


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