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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Video of the Fortnight - Amii Stewart - Knock on Wood

I was out with Gustavo, his cousin and some mates last night and saw this playing in a bar. It was just BEGGING for inclusion as Video of the Fortnight. To call it camp is a major understatement.

For those of you not in the know, Amii Stewart was a soul/disco artiste who had a few hits during the early 1980s - a hi-energy cover of the Doors' "Light My Fire", a sweet ballad called "Friends" and this track, "Knock on Wood". After that she seemed to disappear, although according to this she did a lot of other stuff too.

I am so loving this video (apologies for the slightly dodgy quality btw - it was the only copy I could find). Amii's outfit is interesting to say the least. I'm a bit worried that a sudden gust of wind or an over enthusiastic hand movement from one of her dancers might tear off the "hanging part" and reveal a bit too much (I hope Amii has knickers on underneath for the sake of decency). And what ARE those male dancers wearing? Lucky her though, having so many fellas on tap like that. It's a wonder she can still stand up straight, let alone dance.



  • At 7:13 am , Blogger Steve said...

    Ha ha! So eighties! I definitely remember the track but don't recall hearing her other releases. There's a real seventies feel with the costumes though...!


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