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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The return of the Aussie

Just spent the afternoon listening to "The Gathering", one of the many Dr Who audio dramas produced by Big Finish. I'd only intended to listen to some of it and save the rest for later, but I got hooked and listened to the entire thing from start to finish. Well, it's Sunday and I don't have much else to do....(excuses). The big hook for me was the fact that the story features the return of one time Dr Who assistant Tegan Jovanka, played by Janet Fielding. Yaaay!! Well, I for one was pleased. And if you don't know who Tegan is, you obviously haven't read my previous post.

So did it live up to the (difficult) task of bringing back an old companion and re-uniting them with the Dr? On the whole, yes! "The Gathering" is a well-paced story with some strong scenes and dialogue (although Tegan doesn't appear properly until about half way through the first installment). The story takes place in modern-day Brisbane and it's 20 years on from when Tegan left the Dr, so there's a lot of ground to be covered. Janet Fielding slips effortlessly back into the role as though she's never been away from it. Tegan's trademark Aussie twang and dry sense of humour are still intact, but, since leaving the Dr, she has turned into a pretty bitter and twisted person. However, there is a very good reason for this, brought to light in the course of the story, which I won't spoil by revealing. There's also some great banter between Tegan and the Dr (Peter Davison) and they spark off each other effectively, just as in the original show. The farewell scene at the end is well-played too. I was actually a bit surprised to hear Tegan telling the Dr how travelling with him had changed her for the better, given how much of a ratty cow she is in this!

The only thing I found a bit irritating was the sometimes very loud and intrusive incidental music - obviously meant to add tension and excitement to proceedings, but at times just too overbearing. All in all though an enjoyable piece of drama and if you're a Tegan fan like me, I'd recommend it.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend...just where does it go, eh?


  • At 2:05 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi there, just typed my own name in blogger search to see what would come up - wasn't expecting a Dr. Who reference! But i guess I shouldn't be too suprised - my mother named me Tegan after hearing the name on the tv show while in the hospital when i was born, just about 22 1/2 years ago. Oh I am an Aussie too :-)

  • At 7:48 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Fabulous! Your mother obviously had very good taste. And nice to hear from a bona fide Aussie too!

    I'm sure there's plenty of Dr Who fans amongst us bloggers ... although references to Tegan might be a little harder to find. However if you search the net, she's everywhere!

    Cheers for the comment anyway.


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