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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

After a fairly unremarkable start, Big Brother is starting to hot up a bit. Thank goodness. Last night’s installment saw a healthy number of rows and stroppy comments coming to the fore. Admittedly most of the drama stemmed from some fairly trivial topics…

The centre piece was a disagreement between Chanelle and Emily over…wait for it…a pair of hair straighteners. It all stemmed from Shabnam flouting the BB rules about discussing nominations for eviction, the upshot being that BB banned all housemates from using the bathroom until further notice. OMG! And for a predominantly female household this was obviously spelt disaster. Anyway, the two girlies got into a fight over who should be using the aforementioned straighteners, with Chanelle telling Emily: “The point is you just acted like a complete spoiled kid when all I wanted to do was use the straighteners”. Handbags! Then later on in the BB room, Chanelle broke down in tears and came out with what I think is the best BB line yet, wailing: “I can’t help it if my hair has a natural curl!” (Shades of ex-housemate Nicky I think).

Meanwhile the much hyped girlie twins have been conspicuously quiet. And even loud-mouth madam Charley seemed curiously subdued, not having much to say atall. Has she peaked too early? Has da ghetto girl run out of da chat?

Lesley seems to have changed her mind about leaving the house and it’s good to see her sticking it out. Whilst not exactly the life and soul, she has at least become a bit more vocal, but does seem to have fallen into the slightly predictable mother/auntie role, dishing out advice Miriam Stoppard/Marge Proops style to the younger inmates. When the hair straighteners incident occurred, drawing on her mother’s “wisdom”, she claimed that such problems were always down to jealousy. Mmm. I’m still hoping that Lesley has an inner wild child that will come bursting out at some point, probably under the influence of drink. Or she’ll reveal she had a sordid past and is really a transsexual or something fabulous like that.

There was also an interesting contest in which the BB housemates had to decide who was most attractive, considerate etc, in order of rating from 1 upwards. This sparked off further disagreements and remarks. Girls can be sooo bitchy, can’t they?

As I said, all of this is relatively inconsequential stuff but at least we’re getting some sense of conflict and drama, the stuff of which all decent TV is made. Hopefully when (if?) more men arrive in the house it will shift the dynamics further. Talking of which, I read in the paper that an 18 year old gay man is tipped to be the next new arrival in the BB house. And apparently he’s a totally bitchy queen as well. If that’s the case he should be in very good company.

As for the current male occupant, Ziggy, he too provided a bit of entertainment last night – taking a dip in the pool with the ladies. A gaggle of girlies then proceeded to chase Ziggy round the house and try and pull off his swimming trunks!! Again slightly obvious female behaviour but it added to the fun. Ziggy came over all shy, not before we got a fleeting glimpse of buttock though. More of the same soon, please.


  • At 6:19 pm , Blogger Steve said...

    "I can’t help it if my hair has a natural curl!"

    You're right. What a fabulous line. I must try and use it at every available juncture over the next few days at work! Hmm. But maybe not in the loos...


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