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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cheerio from the Cheeser...

Well. I really didn't want to have to do this. In fact, I can't quite believe that I'm contemplating it. But it seems like I ain't got much choice, my lovelies...

Since I started my new teaching job time has been precious for me, in fact, I still can't find enough of it. My evenings and weekends have become full to the brim with preparing, marking, reading and so forth. We've got an OFSTED inspection coming to the college next week and that's added to everything else for me. I know you have heard this all before, my fellow bloggers and readers...

You can probably guess where this is going can't you?

I've going to have to stop this blogging thing.

Or, to be more precise, I'm not going to be updating my own blog any more, and probably not for some time to come. Yes, I've had my hiatuses before, my "I'm having a break for a few weeks and I'll be back" type declarations (God I'm finding it hard to get the words out, so much for being a ruddy English teacher!) but this time it's likely to be for good. It's just been so hard to claw back time and at present I need all that I can get hold of (sounds like another of my classic Cheeser double entendres, something I'm sure you'll remember me for if nothing else...)

This decision really doesn't come easily, I can promise you. I have loved having my own blog for so many reasons: the chance to be creative and to write about all of my joys and passions - music, movies, tv (being the "banner" topics but of course you all know I'm a major Dr Who fan); not to mention a vast array of cheese and retro-related topics that have enthused me along the way and also what's current ; writing long and detailed reviews (and boy am I good at them!); "Tagging" my fellow bloggers to write on an array of subjects ... and last but definitely not least hooking up with and getting to know a vast array of other bloggers in the process. And boy, have I met lots of people!

And in no particular order, they are:

The witty and erudite Steve, from Luscious Leamington Spa. Our communiques kicked off with various anecdotes about Beverley Craven and a marrow - I kid you not. He's a proud Dad of two and a bit of a polymath (writer, web designer, facilities manager...!) In our time we've exchanged many a thought on Torchwood and Big Brother. Steve's a bit of a cultural critic too and has a very observant eye/style. Actually I'm wondering if it was Bev that started it all off after all, I actually think it was Leo Sayer's underpants. What an opening. Not that I really want to see Leo's opening...

The lovely boy from US Gaytown, Matty, who never ceases to amaze me with his tales of encounters with weird and wonderful San Fran folk and his conversations with them - plus his love of film, tv and music was something we both shared. He's also an arty and sensitive kind of guy with his heart in the right place (and we've never even met!) with a Barbra Streisand fixation. And a cute dog called Bagel! Going back to Queen Babs, I think that's how our friendship got started - me suggesting that Bubbly Babs go for a "ghetto Barbra" image with lots of bling and a velour tracksuit - I'm sure it would compliment her bubble perm perfectly not to mention revitalise her career...

Amanda from New Zealand. A fun and witty lady who never ceases to make us jealous with her tales and photos of the beautiful NZ scenery and weather. One of her daughters is also a major Dr Who fan - she's obviously been brought up the right way. I can't quite remember how Randy Mandy and I hooked up - probably through another blogger, it always seems to be the way - but I've enjoyed all my chats with her and reading her updates.
A fabulous lady.

Tim aka Timewarden! A blogger who has regenerated almost as many times as the good Timelord himself - who knows, PERHAPS I might follow his example. Tim is a major DW fan too, hence the connection. Tim is an "Old Skool" Whovian and I'm sure he won't mind me saying he's much more of a fan of the original series rather than new one. This has lead to many interesting debates between us! He also has an incredible memory for detail (guest stars from DW who have starred in other things) - I thought I was bad! (Or should that be good - look it's a talent, all right??)

High Camp Caress Morell. Named after a character from Dynasty no less, Caress is in fact a gay Glaswegian called Jaimie who has a love of, surprisingly, camp and trash such as Prisoner Cell Block H, Dynasty and Joan Crawford movies, to give just a few examples. He's currently compiling his Top 25 Campest movies and some of the choices have actually taken me by surprise! Like Tim, he's a mine of information (or should that be trivia? I can talk...) when it comes to movies and tv shows - this boy knows so much! He also has a love of ... cock ... and has written a fair few naughty stories on his blog - fair go to him!

From A Voice Plantation
aka my old friend Thomas. We both went to Sussex University about 15 years ago (Jesus! Where does the time go?!) and have stayed in touch since - well sporadically, but we're back in touch now, which is good. Thomas is into Indie music and also has his own band, Plus! Go see them! Of course I remember his Janet Jackson period, and Absolutely Fabulous fixations, but I'm not sure he'd want me to remind him of those ... Thomas also blogs about the country walks he's fond of going on, which I can definitely relate to - getting out of London can only be a good thing!

Hot Lunch aka Alan from Chicago! Another American diva queen! Alan actually originates from Bradford ooop North so is a Yorkshire boy by birth (he once wrote to me asking me about meat pies that came from there - I was damned if I knew!) Now he's into music and movies, including the kind of stuff I like. And he also has a bit of a thing for Sheena Easton in fact.

Flaming Nora
. A displaced Makem now living in London. She's a major Coronation Street fan and even has her own blog on the topic and once kindly published an article of mine on gay and lesbian characters in soaps. Another cultural critic who is always going to the theatre and gigs. It makes me wonder why I don't bother being a London dweller too. She also used to work near me although we never actually met - may have passed each other on the street at some point though, who knows!

Newplanet aka Graham another bonnie gay Scots boy! Graham is a bit of a Kylie and Kim Wilde fan and again likes many things poppy. He also has a thing for horror movies and every October gives his blog a Halloween style makeover, as he has done now.

And there's a few other numerous people too who I haven't mentioned (soz folks) but if you want to check them out go to my blog roll. All I can say is, ladies and gentlemen, it's been lovely knowing you!!

So before I go...

I will be keeping this blog "live" i.e. I won't be deleting it despite the lack of updates, so anyone and everyone can go back and read all my previous posts! I have actually worked very hard on it in the past and don't see the point in just scrubbing out all of that.

I WILL still be checking into everyone else's blogs, to see what they're up to, what they're writing about and leaving comments where I can. I want to keep in touch! And it isn't the reading that's time consuming, it's the writing that is!! Oh I wish I didn't have to do this but ho hum ....

Incidentally - Pakipoptart aka Deemer, are you still alive? You stopped blogging and deleted your website, but I was just wondering if you're okay? If you read this please drop me a line to say hi and reassure me.

Well. This looks like it. Really can't believe it! Who knows, I might do a Timewarden and come back from the dead, but for now it really does have to be goodbye. We'll see.
Take care and all the best.

Big hugs to you all and ... I almost forgot to say ... many, MANY thanks for checking into and reading my blog and your various comments! It's been much appreciated.

Simon aka Old Cheeser


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