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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Meant to comment on the third episode of "Torchwood" which was on BBC2 the other night, "Ghost Machine". The team get their hands on an alien device that allows them to time travel back to the past and see "ghosts". The device causes Owen to witness a murder in Cardiff of the past, a murder that has repercussions in the present.

This was quite a "thoughtful" episode and a bit less frenetic than the previous ones (though there were still some chase sequences). It also gave us a chance to see a different side to Owen, other than the sex-obsessed prankster of episodes one and two, as he gets involved in the murder, which was a nice change.

There was also some great casting, including Gareth "Blake's 7" Thomas (a real Welsh man to boot) as the ex-teddy boy whose past caught up with him. A shame he didn't get more screen time. And he's certainly piled on the pounds since the days of playing Blake. The ending, in which Gwen accidentally stabs him, was quite well done too.

The alien device looked a bit rubbish though, like something out of a packet of KP crisps.

On the whole a decent enough episode and I'm still enjoying the programme as a whole. Looking forward to "The Trouble With Lisa" next week, with the first ever Cyber-woman!


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