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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let's get physical

Last night I went to the gym. And tonight as well. It's been a while since I've gone, due to a case of mild-flu before that didn't exactly make me feel like exerting myself. But now I'm better and back in action.

To tell the truth though I do find going down the gym a bit of a chore. I've never been the most sporty of people, although (rather paradoxically) I do quite like exercise and appreciate all of its benefits. I used to cycle to work until my bike got stolen. I do lots of cardiovascular stuff at the gym, like going on the treadmill and exercise bike and doing sit-ups, and I definitely feel better for that. It's the psyching myself up to do it and then sticking at it that I find so bloody hard. Sometimes I really have to force myself to go and usually take my gym stuff to work with me so I know I can head straight there afterwards. If I went home first to get my "kit", I'd most probably give in to the temptation to crash on the couch, eat chocolate and watch trashy television (my personal idea of heaven). Also my MP3 player is currently broken which is a bummer. I find music a great motivator, particularly my favourite tunes, and having to endure the running machine without decent music is rather hard going. It sounds silly but when you're on an exercise machine with nothing to do but actually exercise, it's pretty boring. The exercise bike is best because at least I can read on that.

Okay, enough moaning. Like I said, one must focus on the benefits. At least I can say that I don't resemble the guy in photo numero one (above). Thanks to all this exercise, I'm looking soooo much more like the fella in photo numero two. Well, almost.


  • At 9:11 am , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Mmm not really relevant to my post, anonyomous person! Please can I kindly request that you don't leave comments like this again! Ta!

  • At 9:58 am , Blogger Samarcand said...

    Couple of things - that's a spam mail. To avoid it, you should make your journal open only to comments from people who sign in. (On LJ you can record people's IP addresses, which, if you do get spam like this, you can then report and get them blocked.)

    On the other hand, congrats on going to the gym. I can't do it, I just found it too tedious, even with my MP3 player. I'm not cycling at the moment, either, both because I'm too lazy to fix the puncture and because I'm still feeling the aftereffects of being poorly. Maybe next week. Maybe...

  • At 9:43 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Thank you for the good advice, Samarcand. Spam is something I am more than happy to avoid. Being the generous open person I am, I have allowed anonymous people to post comments, as I welcome feedback from everyone ... except frickin' spammers. Okay, maybe this wasn't such a good idea?

    And thanks for the gym congrats. All I can say is, get on yer bike, mate!! It does give you nicely toned thighs, you know. Think of the benefits.


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