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Friday, December 01, 2006

Bonita Langford

And having just made that previous derogatory comment about Ms Langford, I've realised that she will probably NEVER deign to give me her autograph now ... unlike lucky old Derek. How VERY dare I !!


  • At 4:13 am , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    It's not my intention to make you jealous but I have Bonnie's autograph! I met her on 1st May, 1986, before she'd started recording "The Trial of a Time Lord", in Birmingham near the Town Hall. It was her first appearance in connection with "Doctor Who", as part of the Keep Birmingham Tidy campaign!

    Sadly, it also turned out to be Patrick Troughton's last "Doctor Who" related appearance in this country, in costume, but he signed my "Web of Fear" paperback, amongst others, and told me about the drama, "Yesterday's Dreams", he had been working on and the ITV sitcom with Nicholas Lyndhurst, "The Two of Us".

    Also in attendance that day were Janet Fielding, the late Anthony Ainley and Richard Franklin together with a working K9 and the odd Dalek and Cybermen or two! I wished Bonnie well, as I felt she'd already received unfair press before she'd even started, and, on realising I meant it, she graciously thanked me.

  • At 4:07 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Nice story, Time-Warden ... although I must say I am not THAT jealous! As I have already intimated, Melanie Bush was one of my least favourite Dr Who companions and to me the time when she came into Dr Who represented the nadir of the programme. I don't doubt she's a nice person in real life though!

    Your capacity for recounting past events is incredible - you certainly remember all the details! Okay then - my turn for geeky confessions - one of my most memorable Who-related experiences was attending the 40th anniversary Dr Who convention in 1993. I had my photo taken with Liz Sladen - still looking gorgeous after all these years and very down to earth and friendly and - gasp! - I actually stood next to Peter Davison in the bar whilst he had a fag! And saw a very p*ssed Nicholas Courtney! Aaah such memories...

  • At 7:00 pm , Blogger matty said...

    OK -- I must see this Dr. Who thing. I know that it is air'd here. However, we gave up our cable as we read/watch news on line and US TV is crap. However, now there is a new show called Ugly Betty that sounds/looks fantastic.

    Oh well.

    kisses from GayTown

  • At 12:28 pm , Blogger Minge said...

    I used to hate Bonnie - especially after appearing in Doctor Who with the worst Doctor of all time - McCoy. But now J'adore her, especially after her performance on Dancing On Ice (she should have won).

    Actually, do you know how Mel left the Doctor's side? I could look this up, of course...

  • At 6:13 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Matty - yes you must! As I said on my previous comment! Sounds like you gave up cable at the wrong time. However I do know that the last two (recent) series of Dr Who are now all out on DVD, so you could always order one as a taster ... Or how about watching a few clips on You Tube?

    I've heard about Ugly Betty - Lubin Odana has commented on that on his blog. Never seen it, though!

    Isn't there a lot of good TV around? And not enough time to watch it!

    OK - my turn to ask you about some US TV, Matt! Have you ever watched Dante's Cove? I stumbled across that one by accident on the net and ordered myself a copy right away. It was complete trash but I absolutely loved it. Tracey Scoggins was brilliant and the men so HOT!

    And my hubbie and I love the US version of Queer as Folk and I've been ordering the DVD boxsets from Amazon. We've just finished watching the third series. I must say it is a bit far-fetched in places (the last series had too much melodrama and felt very rushed) but the characters are memorable and well-acted. And again, lots of sexy men!!

  • At 6:31 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Minge - I'm sure Bonnie brings the necessary touch of glamour and camp to Dancing On Ice (as if it wasn't camp enough). And even if she was annoying as hell as Mel (it rhymes), I don't doubt she can dance. And skate. Do you remember her as Violet Elizabeth Bott?

    Erm, Mel departed Dr Who in the story "Dragonfire", the same story to introduce the excrutiating Ace. She decided to stay behind on the planet Iceworld with the space pirate Sabalom Glitz, for no particular reason. And there you have it!


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