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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Change my dear ... and it seems not a moment too soon ...

This was my horoscope for today:

Today may have you itching for a change, dear Pisces. The difficulty, however, is figuring out what you really want to do with your life. A good first step would be to begin talking with people. Find out what they do and do not like about their careers. In addition, the library and the Internet can be helpful resources. You would benefit from taking a career profile test, such as the Myers-Briggs, to see what types of careers mesh with your personality type. Once you've done all this, you're bound to have a clearer vision of where you want to go.

Uncanny eh? This really does mirror exactly how I am currently feeling, in terms of changing my job and so forth, and what I've been considering recently. Something is blowing in the wind... well it's all down to me to make the changes I guess.

I am finding it very hard to motivate myself at work at the moment. Xmas is rapidly approaching and it can't come soon enough, in my opinion. Every day is just incredibly samey. Get up, get on the tube, stare at miserable faces staring back at me (okay not everyone is like that but it's a real London thing), trudge down Cheapside, duck out of the way of aggressive people in suits, arrive at the office and try to muster up some enthusiasm to get on with tasks in hand.

Goodness! Aren't I just a bundle of joy and happiness (like the baby Jesus, no less). I'm probably making it sound more unbearable than it really is. It could be worse. For instance my poor hubbie works far more hours than me (usually 6 days a week) gets paid nowhere near as much I do and is on his feet most of the day. So things are not so bad, comparatively speaking. But one knows instictively when something isn't right or fulfilling. As Tegan Jovanka's Aunt Vanessa once said: "If you stop enjoying it, give it up!" And that's what I need to do, job-wise. It's just a question of finding a more worthwhile occupation that truly utilises my skills. Such a pity I can't get paid for blogging, something which I am enjoying more and more! Well, that gives a clue as to a potential new career ... one that involves writing, perhaps ...?!

Anyway, that's enough self-indulgent whinging. The Xmas break is thankfully near and hoorah for that. And tomorrow is our annual work's Xmas party. Yes, even if I moan about the job itself, my work colleagues and I know how to have fun. There'll be free food and booze, for starters. A cheesey disco, with some good music hopefully. And work's parties can often be tres amusing. Watching managers and supposedly respectable people getting p*ssed and making total d*cks of themselves. People behaving in ways you really wouldn't expect. Individuals getting off with other individuals and then regretting their behaviour bitterly afterwards. Of course I have never behaved in any of these ways. I shall assume the role of a detached, ironic voyeur, sitting on the sidelines whilst sipping my glass of chardonnay, watching all the goings-on and lapping it up. Party gossip / feedback will shortly be provided by yours truly.


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