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Friday, August 24, 2007

Video of the Fortnight - Junior Senior

Okeydokes, ladies and gents, here's a special treat for y'all...

A double dose of videos for this fortnight! Yeah!! Woooo!! Alright!!

...Aren't I just a generous Old Cheeser?

This time round the spotlight's on Junior Senior, Danish two-man combo, who musically are a bit hard to categorise, but definitely veer towards the groovy and the danceable. First off, their debut single, "Move Your Feet", released in 2003, described somewhere as "the sound of Fatboy Slim body-popping to "Club Tropicana" " which is I think is a pretty accurate summary!

And to accompany the immensely catchy song there's the equally fab and seriously '80s-influenced, pixellated video, surely produced by someone with an Atari fixation. I love the lego-like representations of Junior and Senior! The naughty squirrel getting up to naughty tricks! The dancing pineapple and his chums! The jolly, jumping toast! It's a vibrant and lively affair and I love all the creativity... a brilliant and inventive piece of animation. ENJOY!!

Next up, one of Junior Senior's more recent tracks. Thanks to Dan I found out they'd actually done another album since the last one, and there's a new single, "Take Your Time" too! Wahey! Although none of these seem to have been very well publicised in the UK ... oh well. This vid's another piece of animated liveliness, not quite as inspired or visually striking as "Move Your Feet" but still great fun nevertheless with lots of '80s style swirls and shapes. Kind of reminds me of the stuff we used to draw on the back of our exercise books in school. And the song is faberoony and features Kate Pearson and Cindy Wilson from the B52s on vocals. ENJOY AGAIN!!


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