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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Stolen Earth

So much for the hiatus. I just CAN'T stay away. Well a little break from the old routine is always welcome (and I'm rather busy this particular weekend) besides which, I just felt compelled to write about last night's DW episode! Yep we've finally reached the season finale. Came round quickly hasn't it? It had a lot riding on it (which I've kind of mentioned before) but here are my thoughts...


It had a very "epic" feel to it as the previous season finales have done.

Rose, you have been refused access to Doctor Who facebook on the grounds of your weird and lispy accent...

The bringing together of all the past companions/characters on the whole worked very well, contrary to fears that it wouldn't, and everyone got a decent amount of screentime.

Nooooo!! Please, please, PLEASE don't show anyone that embarrassing title sequence from "K9 and Company" with me in legwarmers...I'm BEGGING you...

And I liked their various reactions to the invasion of the Daleks e.g. Sarah Jane's terror-struck expression and tears. Well, her and those pesky pepperpots go back a long way, so it was understandable...

And then there were three...until Torchwood Season Three that is...

Having the Torchwood gang in there was a definite coup and I hope they get to properly hook up with the other DW characters later on. The dynamics could be very interesting. Gwen and Donna having a fishwife scrap, anyone?

Well at least I've been in a good few DW episodes...well, it's been fun, boys...Back to the RSC for me, then...Any openings for a corpse with a posh accent?

Great to see Penelope Wilton back as Harriet Jones in a touching cameo and appropriate that she was trying to "make" amends by getting all the major characters to team up and contact the Dr. The "Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister" bit though slightly overplayed was funny stuff. But is this the true end for Harriet? And was she really a "goodie" or is something more sinister going on?

He's BACK and he's menacing! And doesn't have much body left under his tunic! Yuk!!

The resurrection of Davros!! Great performance from Julian Bleach which (so far) is more reminiscent of Michael Wisher than Terry Malloy (I won't even mention David Gooderson). A nice build up of menace with Davros "shrouded in shadows" and he looked good (or should that be bad?) when unveiled. Hope he'll live up to his promise in Part Two.

No, I HAVEN'T fallen out of a bargain bucket of KFC! Exterminate!!

Dalek Caan - now looking rather worse for wear, the poor love, and coming out with all manner of weird comments. But very creepy in his weirdness all the same, a kind of warped Dalek Messiah (well the same could be said for Davros really, couldn't it?)

Black Dalek? Pah. Dalek Caan?? Double pah! Davros?? WHATEVER. I'm better than all of you, nah nah nah!

The Red Dalek was cool. I heard rumours that he was really a human in disguise, but we'll see. Hope he gets a good face-off with his opponents in Part Two.

Okay! Okay! I WILL run down the road in a pair of lurid pink legwarmers!! Just don't kill me...I have a contract for Sarah Jane Adventures series two, after all...

Liz Sladen as Sarah - as good as ever!! Plays the part with such conviction and believability. How will she escape getting exterminated in her car? (I have a strong suspicion that K9 will pop up in the back and zap 'em? Or, maybe Sarah will strip off and shake her bejuvlies at the metal monsters, thus causing them to go into paroxysms of ecstasy? "My vision is impaired, I cannot see...". Erm, yes. That was a TAD rude). Anyway I hope she gets a reunion with Davros - would be highly fitting after, erm, some 33 years?? Perhaps they can catch up with a cup of nescafe and some custard creams!

Sorry, Noble family members, just playing a quick game of Space Invaders...it's good practise you know...

Billie Piper as Rose. Loved her "back off or I'll shoot you with my enormous Terminator-style weapon" bit to the robbers in the shop scene. Very Sigourney Weaver/Linda Hamilton. For a former shop girl she's come a LONG way. And her reactions when she couldn't contact the Doc on the PC were touching. As for the reunion bit with the Doc - very nicely done, but nipped in the bud of course! (Though how the hell could Donna tell it was Rose from so far-off?)

Not again...

And finally...the shock regeneration of the Doctor!! Is he really going to regenerate?? Is this the end for David Tennant??? It can't be! There have already done reports on the filming of the forthcoming Xmas episode and from what I can remember, David T was involved...
anyone know any more about this than me??

You mean...??! I've had physical relations with an actual rhino??

Nice to see the Judoon back, if only for a brief cameo.


What's Lady Bracknell doing in outer space?

Forgive me for sounding thick, but what was the POINT of the shadow proclamation scenes?

Rather a lot of Daleks...hope they've paid their congestion charge...

The return of the Daleks yet again, wasn't handled with any kind of fanfare or surprise, highlighting how over-used they have now become (in spite of my comments before about them looking good, with some new "aspects"). They are rapidly turning into formulaic monsters and this isn't a good thing. Time to lay them to rest once and for all after this story, methinks.

The explanation as to why a massive new army of Daleks and a Dalek fleet had sprung into existence, after the previous whittling down of their race to ONE i.e. Dalek Caan, was done in a slightly glib fashion - surely more exposition/a decent flashback, rather than a few hasty comments, would have added more credence to the whole thing?

The revelation (even though we all knew) that Davros was back would have been better saved until the very end of the episode I reckon - along with the regeneration bit it would have made a great "double whammy" cliffhanger!

Has he been eating too many pies? Or swallowed some hamsters?

Ianto's rather tubby face. Had the comedy doorman-cum-stalker-of-Jack been eating too many pies? Perhaps it was the grief of losing Tosh and Owen that caused him to stuff his face...

Any openings for a former drag queen in Doctor Who? Or even Torchwood?

The slightly silly celebrity cameos at the beginning e.g. Paul O'Grady. Now obligatory in every season finale but perhaps we could have done without it?

No, I am NOT married to Harriet Makepeace in real life! Now ZIP it, Dr Jones!!

Michael "Dempsey" Brandon's rather hammy performance as UNIT General whats-his-face. Personally I would have preferred to have seen Colonel Mace back again, he had a certain charm in spite of his blandness...Seems there isn't much continuity with the UNIT characters these days...oh for the return of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart...

The planets sweet

The moving all the planets across the cosmos thing (hence the episode title). What the hell was going on with that? How did the Daleks find the technology? Okay, I'm being churlish as I'm sure we'll get an explanation for all this in the next episode.

And that, groovesters, is about it! On the whole I thought "The Stolen Earth" was fabulous, blockbusting, emotional and exciting fare. I hope you all enjoyed it too. Would love to know your thoughts on episode too, so get posting a comment NOW, or you will be....well, you know what.


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  • At 11:14 pm , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    We have a season finale tomorrow night, a two hour job which well then finally allow us to start the season with the Titanic! Yes, we are so far nehind it is indecent. However, my 10 year old would be devestated if DT is no longer the Doctor. She adores him!!

  • At 7:12 am , Blogger Steve said...

    I agree with your round-up completely. On the whole I was really quite impressed. Loved the emotional intensity of the Dr's and Rose's reunion... so near and yet so far. Like you I was looking out for Glynis Barber... I'm sure her eighties haircut would have scared the Daleks far more than Dempsey from Noi Joisee, USA. The Shadow Proclamation was very disappointing. Even the set for it was lazy - breeze block walls? Oh please! Other than that though... what an exciting episode. I can't wait for next week's...!

  • At 7:30 am , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    Grr. You guys are teasing me, I'm certain.

  • At 10:14 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ooops sorry Old Cheeser I think I must be the only person in the whole of the UK who does not watch Dr Who.

  • At 7:59 am , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    Impressed by Julian Bleach, think he's terrific. Not so impressed by Rose, for a change, as she's such a misery guts!

    Didn't find Brandon too hammy but, yeah, he did have a hint of a smirk on his face.

    Donna's generosity of spirit shone from her face, however, at the end of the episode, when she told the Doctor that Rose was just over his shoulder! Nice bit of acting from Cathy T.

    Nice cameo from Lalla Ward's hubby, too, or should that be hubby number two!

    Best penultimate episode to a season since the show's return.

  • At 12:49 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Amanda - A season behind no less, but catching up. Personally I didn't rate the Season 3 finale very highly, but would be interested to know your thoughts...

    I don't think that DT is REALLY on the way out - I reckon it's just a red herring. So hopefully your daughter can relax...

    And teasing you about the latest episodes, do you mean?

    Steve - Glad you liked it too. Yes you're right about the Doc and Rose's reunion, it was given that extra bit of poignant edge when the Dr got zapped...so not much of a reunion really!

    Perhaps they can draft in Glynis in Part Two.

    Yeah and what WAS the point of the Shadow Proc??

    Gina - All I can say is shame on you!! Smacked bottom!!

    Then again perhaps you are getting on with real life, unlike moi....

    Tim - I suppose Rose is a bit more serious as opposed to the bubbly, grinning character of Seasons 1 and 2 (apart from the bit when she was reunited with the Doc!) But that's probably cos she's now living in another universe and has had to toughen up, learn extra responsibilities etc - it's life-changing, you know!

    Michael B was probably thinking "What am I doing in this?!" Not really! Or maybe he was thinking of Glynis B? Or what he'd like to do to Freema A? Okay, enough!

    Yes Donna's proved to be a nice kinda gal in spite of her sometimes squawking tendencies.

    I didn't think about that - Mr Lalla Ward in a cameo! Better than Paul O'Grady anyway.

    I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it too. Fingers crossed for Part Two, eh?

  • At 5:21 am , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    Actually, I think it a shame they bumped off Dempsey so soon! I said out loud, at the time, "No, don't kill him off"!! Still, as he used to say to Harriet (Makepeace, not Jones yes I know who you are), "Life is hard and then you die"!!!

    Well, you never know, Freema does have a nice bottom!

    Fingers crossed, indeed, although Davros would have problems with that... on the one hand! For a moment, I thought it was Freddie Kruger!!

  • At 10:45 pm , Blogger hot-lunch said...

    i know, right! i thought i needed to stay away too but after 3 days, I was like, OK i'm ready!!

  • At 4:08 pm , Blogger Flaming Nora said...

    If James Nesbitt takes over as the new Dr I'm going to stop watching.

  • At 3:19 am , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    Well, we have just ahd the Titanic episode last night. All those famous faces in the cast and to me it still fell a bit flat. I guess it didn't seem to me that Ms Minogue lived up to expectations - then again, she has never been much of an actress in my book anyway but I was prepared to be surprised. And I wasn't. My daughter hates her for kissing the Doctor.

  • At 3:33 am , Blogger matthew said...

    Now, what I need clarified is --- did Ms. Tate actually do a rhino?!?!?

    ...leg warmers.

    I wanna flash dance! In fact I think I will!

    love and kisses,

  • At 12:55 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Tim - Yes Dempsey dying in character I suppose. His character didn't do an awful lot...and sadly he didn't get to do anything with Freema's bottom. Maybe that's just as well though, cos Glynis B would have been very jealous.

    And yes, Davros' hand did have a touch of the Freddie Kruger about it! (And what do you mean by him having problems with just one hand? Please elaborate...)

    Hot Lunch - Like me, you just can't resist the lure of blogging eh?

    Nora - Well, it hasn't happened i.e. James or anyone else succeeding DT, so you can rest in peace. At least for now. Who knows what the future's gonna bring?

    Amanda - Aaaah, very interesting what you say about "Voyage of the Damned" (the Titanic episode) cos I am inclined to agree! It was a very average episode indeed and yep, Kylie didn't really do it for me either (although I liked her forked-lift truck sacrifice bit). They seem to have got very lazy when it comes to the Xmas episodes - kind of assuming we'll be so bloated/sozzled from Xmas turkey and drink that we'll collapse on the sofa and watch anything. We say NO!! Doctor Who must always = quality!!

    Matty!! Hello!! Good to see you back, stranger.

    I am afraid to say that no, Donna didn't do a rhino (that makes a good alliterative phrase though). Instead she had her memory of travelling with the Dr completely wiped and reverted back to being an unchallenged, chavvy temp!! (Oh dear I have just ruined the plot for anyone who hasn't yet watched this episode).

    And what's this about flash dance and leg warmers? What are you on, Mister?!

  • At 1:05 pm , Blogger Boz said...

    I thought t was ace fun! Been buzzing around my head since I saw it. Praise be for an interesting companion end for Tate - not easy or straightforward, and therefore ace*. Good stuff. Was wondering if the 'daughter' was going to pop up at any point, but delighted K9 made a cameo.

    And Christmas looks like fun...

    * ace. Not Ace.

  • At 10:19 pm , Blogger James Diggs said...

    I haven't seen the last three episodes yet, and it is hard to keep the lid on everything when we are three weeks behind in the US. I am looking forward to it.



  • At 2:32 am , Blogger matthew said...

    I'm flash dancing as I type this!

    My sweat shirt is torn in all the right places and I'm ready for the bucket of water to land on me! ...just need to put down the laptop first!


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