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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Au revoir Russell...

Hey y'all!

I'm a blogging part-timer now as you all know, but this story is worth sharing if you don't already know about it...

1. About bloody time!

2. A big, BIG hoorah for the appointment of Mr Moffatt! He's definitely produced some of the best stories in the new DW - not to say much more unorthodox, interesting ones than RTD - so this bodes very well. With him as lead writer I hope we get more of the same.

3. As a friend of mine has pointed out, this doesn't necessarily mean MASSIVE changes to the current DW style and format, if that. After all, from the the ratings/viewing figures point of view, RTD has proved that it's a winning formula (for better or for worse...and he definitely has his detractors). But it's still good news!


OC x

PS I'm still enjoying the new series. The conclusion of the Sontaran story was satisfying if not particularly earth-shattering (car exhaust fumes = cloning gas? mmmm...), the Dr's Daughter was enjoyable if a bit flimsy plot wise, with a perky performance from Georgia Moffat and not much decent explanation as to her conception and the Christie one was the most lightweight and silly story yet. Zzzzz, indeed!

PPS Boooooo to Eurovision for taking DW off the air for another week. Then again I'm gonna be in Brighton with my hubbie and probably would have missed it, so it doesn't really matter that much to me. Ha!

PPPS Madonna's new album is growing on me, Duffy's one if marvellous and Portishead's is wrist-slashing.

PPPPS That really is all. Ta ta for now and hope you are all doing wondrously...

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Sunday, May 04, 2008


...is a lovely little town near Leeds and Bradford. And Salt Mill is an amazing converted mill (a bit like the Tate Modern) with an extensive David Hockney exhibition, amongst other things. Here's the proof (including a bit of artistic rudeness - guess the actress...)

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Hampton Court

Lovely. Loads of history. Loads of antique rooms, alleways and nooks and crannies. Beautiful gardens. An amazing maze. Here's the proof.

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