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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who's leaving Who?

Here's a birrova of an exclusive, boys and girls...some excerpts from filming of the new series of Dr Who in February this year. Woohoo!! Featuring David Tennant (the Doc), John Barrowman (the returning Captain Jack Harkness) and Freema Agyeman (new companion Martha Jones). Looks like this could be one of the last scenes from the season's finale episodes, judging by the fact that it ends with Jack walking off and throwing the Dr a very military salute! Or it certainly looks that way...WHO knows.

But...just what are they all saying to one another? What's going on? What is the Dr doing to Jack's hand? And what are the Doc and Martha reacting to at the end, with such shock and hilarity?! (As this was obviously filmed on a fan's camera and from a distance, we can't hear anything that's being said...of course the Beeb would forbid that anyway, the b*ggers).

In which case I am throwing up a little challenge for some of my fellow bloggers. And I'm going to tag Minge, TimeWarden and Samarcand. I'd like all of you to tell me a) what the Dr, Jack and Martha are doing and saying in this scene b) what the end bit is all about. You can even write your own mini-script if you like. The more creative, the better. Please send me your ideas by responding to this post. Cheers guys!

Of course, knowing you boys like I do, I just know I'll get some very "interesting" responses...


  • At 5:24 pm , Blogger Minge said...

    Am on the case... I am sure flashing is involved.

  • At 2:47 am , Blogger Andrew Glazebrook said...

    Isn't the net a wonderful place for stuff like this,every Tom,Dick and Harry has a camera now, where as years ago there'd have been nowhere to even post something like this even if you had videoed it !

  • At 5:35 am , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    Interesting clip, Simon. Here’s my mini-script, ready for perusal!

    Jack: Who was the wizened-looking guy, kidnapped me from the Hub?
    Doctor: Ah! Yes!! That… was the Professor.
    Martha: You know him?
    Doctor: Oh, yes! We go back a long way, a very long way indeed.
    Jack: Is there anyone you don’t know, Doc?!
    Doctor: Well… When you’re as old and as well-travelled as I am!
    Martha: But… he changed?
    Jack: How long?
    Doctor: Excuse me?
    Jack: How long have you known this… this Professor?
    Doctor: You see he’s not really a Professor! Not a qualified Professor!! And, certainly not THE Professor!!!
    Martha: What do you mean?
    Doctor: He stole my identity!
    Martha: Your identity? So, who is he really? I mean, who was he?!
    Doctor: We were at University together.
    Martha: Cardiff University?
    Jack: Ha! I don’t think so! The guy’s got his own TARDIS!!
    Doctor: And now he’s out there again… in a new and younger body, more able than ever.
    Martha: Is he your..?
    Jack: He’s your brother, isn’t he?
    Doctor: In a manner of speaking!
    Jack: As enigmatic as ever eh, Doc?
    Martha: Brother? A brother from another planet?
    Doctor: I like it! Hah! That’s good!! A brother from another planet!!! Except this one, this one… What’s the matter with your hand? Let me see.
    Jack: It’s nothing.
    Doctor: Let me see!!
    Jack: It’s good to see you whipping out your screwdriver again, Doc, even if you’ve changed too!
    Doctor: Hmmm! You’re lucky his Tissue Compression Eliminator wasn’t fully functional!
    Martha: His what?
    Doctor: His Tissue Compression… Oh, never mind! What matters is you’ll be alright. You should be right as rain in a day or two.
    Jack: I knew I just had to find the right Doc! Just didn’t recognise you!!
    Martha: What on Earth are you two talking about?
    Doctor: Nothing on Earth!
    Jack: Well, I’ve got to be getting back. It was good meeting up with you again, Doc. It’d be nice to do it again sometime. Nice to meet you too, Martha.
    Doctor: The pleasure was all mine.
    Martha: Oh, I dunno!
    Doctor: You’re blushing!
    Martha: Would you take a look at that?!!
    Doctor: Blimey! I never thought I’d see the good Captain snogging a woman again, let alone two!!
    Martha: He’s a pretty good kisser!
    Doctor: Like you’d know! Like you’d… You would wouldn’t you!!!
    Martha: Let’s just say me and the Captain got on like a house on fire.
    Doctor: You’re jealous! Well, I gotta tell you, there’s no stopping the Captain.
    Martha: Don’t I just know it! Doctor?
    Doctor: Yes?
    Martha: When he changed? He called himself… The Master? We’re going to see him again, aren’t we?
    Doctor: Unfortunately, I very much expect we will…

  • At 2:01 pm , Blogger Minge said...

    Click here for my response!

  • At 3:13 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Minge - yes Captain J does seem to "flash" the Doc - wonder what's going on there?! Trust you to pick up on that one!!

    Thank you muchly for sending the file thing - I'm intrigued - but it won't open!! I had to sign up to Send it to do it and then downloaded it but it still wouldn't open. I'm not sure which application to use - Internet explorer etc...Can you help please??

    Andrew - You're absolutely right, and You Tube is great for all that. Lots of sneak previews and naughty bits! (Although I heard You Tube were in legal trouble recently, apparently...)

    TimeWarden - Thank you!! Very interesting response there that picks up on all the plot strands that will be happening. Loving Jack's humour and the other parts. I guess it's a bit hard to say when this clip occurs but it does look like the end of the story rather than the beginning. Well done!!


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