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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Video of the fortnight - Olivia Newton John - Landslide

Lest you are still trying to contain your excitement, here comes another of my new regular posts! Wooohooo again!

Yep, being a music aficianado and connoisseur of cheese/trash, I've decided it was high time I had a regular music video spot. On a fortnightly basis, no less. It's a chance for me to share some of my fave raves with y'all. Hopefully you'll enjoy them. If not, simply click on "pause"!

First up, Miss Olivia Newton John. She's a diva and a veritable pop goddess. And a rather attractive lady too, with her Princess Diana hairstyle and array of "interesting" outfits on show in this vid.

This track, "Landslide" is taken from her 1981 album "Physical" and is one of my all-time personal Olivia favourites. A great pop song which is considerably enhanced by the video. In fact I'd go as far to say I like it even better than the video to "Physical", which is probably more well-known. In this video La Neutron-Bomb plays a kind of devil woman who ascends from the depths of...somewhere or other...to appear in an office, cunningly assuming the guise of a secretary. As you do. The guy behind the desk that she hooks up with is none other than Matt Lattanzi, who was Olivia's husband at the time and a bit of a looker!!

Anyway I'm sure my heterosexual male readers (and perhaps lesbians too!) will love this part, if not the rest of the "Landslide" video itself. Gay men will of course appreciate Livvie's hair, wardrobe and the overwhelmingly camp ambience.

I SO love the whole concept for this video. The depiction of hell with the blacked gloved hands coming out of the dry ice. Olivia's space-age outfit at the start which shows off her bottom considerably. Her glasses-on-chain image as the secretary. Her sudden transformation, for no apparent reason, into a red leather catsuit. And the venetian blind effect. Okay, I'll stop right there before I give any more away. Just watch and enjoy.


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