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Friday, May 18, 2007

I gotta job!!

Yep, you heard right. After 6 weeks of unemployment, stopping at home and being a gentlemen of leisure I've finally landed myself a proper job. Hip hip hooray!!

Actually to be precise it's only a five month contract, but hey, work is better than no work. It's an editor role at a London university, working on undergraduate publications. The lady who interviewed for me for the job was actually very blunt and told me that the work is quite boring! Mmmm. Then again as it's only a short contract I'm not tied to staying there forever and can always move onto other things afterwards. On the plus side it may well give me the chance to gain some new skills - although I did some editing in my previous position it was only one aspect of the role, but in this job it's the crux, so I hopefully will learn more about that and gain some other experience too! It will also look good on my CV to have done some editing work. And the university is a big place with lots of colleges and campuses spread across the city, so who knows, it could lead to other work opportunities. And the old adage that it's easier to find a job when you're already working is I think very true.

I know some of you are probably thinking, why doesn't he have more time off? Why the hell does he want to rush back into a job when he got all that redundancy money? Well, the truth is I've actually started to get quite restless and even depressed sitting at home day after day. The last few weeks have become a blur. Yeah, so I've had some nice breaks and trips away. And I've been able to treat myself to a few nice things with the money. Like laser printers and holidays to Brazil. And the odd DVD or too. I recently purchased the Alien Quadrilogy (excellent, Gustavo and I watched Alien last night), Pleasantville and Clue amongst others! Woohoo!! Though as I mentioned before, sensible moi has bunged the remaining money in a savings account for the flat that I hope Gustavo and I can buy one day. How often do you get a windfall like that? Not very! But the money I've had left has started to run out so it really was time to start thinking about re-entering the world of work, for better or worse...and I'm quite honestly happy to have found something.

So come next Wednesday I will be joining the ranks for commuters on that tube train once again, back amongst the rat race...ho hum. Not looking forward to that part. But it's a new start and a new job with lots of new opportunities! And that IS something to look forward to. And I'm sure I'll make an even more sophisticated, witty, intelligent and glamorous editor than Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan (pictured above). Though perhaps without so long a name. It wouldn't fit on my CV after all.


  • At 6:05 pm , Blogger Steve said...

    Please give that awful hairdo and makeup a miss too - it really wouldn't suit you! Congrats on the new job - I know what you mean about getting depressed; keeping busy is the key to a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. ;-)

  • At 10:20 pm , Blogger Flaming Nora said...

    WHich London University Old Cheeser? The reason I ask is that I also work at a London University too. I might come and creep you out in your new office if we're at the same place. (evil grin)

  • At 11:27 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    But I look sooo gorgeous and glam, Steve! You can't expect a high class - not to mention high-powered - diva like me to dress dowdy, now can you?!

    But thanks for the congrats anyhow! Yes tis true, tis better to have an occupation than sitting on one's behind all day...there are only so many times a girl can manicure her nails, paint her toes and watch "Loose Women".

    Nora - A-ha! That would be telling. Yes I do remember you mentioning that in your blog. Actually I have a sneaking suspicion that we will be working within close proximity to one another.

    To be honest I'd rather not divulge the exact name of my new workplace - a certain amount of anonymity is necessary as well as protecting the reputation of my employer! One has to be careful what one says on the net, of course...hope you understand.

    But if you like you're welcome to email me and I'm happy to tell you in private! It would be fun if it turned out we worked together - we could go for coffee and gossip!

    OC x

  • At 2:45 am , Blogger matty said...

    I disagree -- I love that hairstyle and powersuit!?!?!? ....and, Darling! Nails to die for!

    No wonder you got the job!

    Congrats! Now, come Wednesday --- knock their socks off and turn a 'dull' job into an exciting one!

    Like Joan would, shake it up and add some glitter and glitz!!!

  • At 3:20 pm , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    Congrats on the new post, Simon. I know some of the colleges that comprise London University reasonably well.

    I took my Masters, part-time, over several years at Goldsmiths, sat some of the exams at Kings, and my brother was an undergraduate at the Royal Holloway where I nearly went instead of Goldsmiths.

    I'm sure they've all changed considerably since I was there but I envy you your position at such an esteemed seat of learning! Good luck!!

  • At 4:08 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Matty - Thank you for the positive affirmation! Well, different strokes for different folks I guess.

    That's right, I was power dressed to the max and glamorous to the hilt on the day of the interview. Plus the fact I slept with the interviewer - must have helped to secure me the position! Lol!!

    And I agree an injection glitter and glitz is much needed. Perhaps I can give the university's publications a radical new slant!

    Timewarden - Thank you very much!

    Interesting info about your studies - so what did you do your Masters in? (Dr Who?!)

  • At 12:56 am , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    No such luck as taking a degree in "Doctor Who"! My Masters is in Music, specifically Composition. I did write an aleatoric piece, where passages of music are performed at random, that included part of the theme tune, as part of a portfolio of works!

  • At 2:25 pm , Blogger Minge said...


  • At 10:48 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Tim - Excellent!! Do you still have a recording of the piece? Would like to hear that one!

    Minge - Thanks, hen!

  • At 4:23 pm , Blogger Minge said...

    The five months will soon pass and then you can be a lady (of leisure) again.

  • At 8:33 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Perhaps Minge! We shall see...Unfortunately I can't afford to stop at home forever (sob)...

  • At 11:29 pm , Blogger Minge said...

    Can't Gustavo do two jobs?


    Only kidding!


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