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Friday, October 19, 2007

Key(s) to the door!!

Well. I'm currently sitting here at my computer feeling VERY smug and happy with the world. Very happy INDEED!!

And all because...

Well, can you guess...?

Clue Numero 1: See the title of this post.

Clue Numero 2: Look at the photo above.

Clue Numero 3: Think back to one of the subjects I have recently waxed an awful lot of lyrical about...

And hopefully you'll have your answer.


  • At 9:01 am , Blogger Steve said...

    Big big congratulations Mr Homeowner! Hope you and Gustavo will both be very happy there!

  • At 10:23 pm , Blogger Deemer said...

    Wow! Finally!! When do we get to see the place?

  • At 6:55 pm , Blogger matty said...

    Oh my God!!!!!


    I'm so happy for you both! Yay!!!!!

    ...when is the big move date??!?!!?

    NOW -- can we see a shot of the new home!?!?!?

    ...just think -- you're a homeowner!!!

  • At 5:43 am , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    Congratulations, Simon. Hope you and Gustavo are both settling in well!

    No doubt it's very spacious on the inside, just like the TARDIS only a lot more comfy!!

  • At 9:53 pm , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    Welcome to the status of landed gentry! bring on the rates and the other sneaky bills that plague the rest of us. Actually, its a gerat feeling knowing its yours and so I know you both will be very happy there! Congratulations!

  • At 12:46 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Big THANKS to all of you!!

    Steve - I'm sure we will be...

    Deemer - I do want to take some pics but the place is an unmitigated mess at the moment...once the boxes and things are cleared away I will take some snaps and post them online. Of course it hasn't helped that I had my digital camera nicked. My fault though for leaving it in a club toilet. I think I've had too much on my mind recently!

    Matty - Thank you darling! We moved on the Saturday just gone, more on that anon...and as I was saying to PakipopTart, pics will follow...I'm just too ashamed of the mess! When it's looking more like your own new pad I'll take a few snaps...You're right, it feels wonderful to know it's MY place!

    Tim - Actually it is rather TARDIS like. The lounge and kitchen are pretty big! No console though!

    Sagi - Well laaaa deee daaa, I would live to think of myself as one of the gentry now, although the area we are in is not THAT posh. Never mind! Indeed lots of bills etc to think about now! But it's still worth it.


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