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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Get used to it

Has anyone seen one of the above posters/billboards? Well, perhaps only if you live in the UK, as they have only been used over here, to my knowledge. The posters by Stonewall are part of a campaign that seeks to tackle homophobia, in particular homophobic bullying in schools. Excellent strategy and I like the unapologetic message of the poster.

Oddly enough, only a day or two after I put up my recent post on Brokeback Mountain - leading to lots of very interesting debate from you, my fellow bloggers! - I saw one of these billboard posters on my way home from the gym! (About 5 minutes walk from my house no less). Strange that I'd been talking about the area in which I live as being a less than gay-friendly one. Hopefully messages like this are going to make a difference or at least get people to sit up and think!! However, sad to say, the poster/billboard has since disappeared. Is it too much for the neighbourhood to deal with?

Then this morning on the bus to work, just before Tulse Hill I saw another of the very same posters underneath a railway arch. Good, good! But underneath the "Get Over It!" part someone had written in clear graffiti: "Boom bye bye". This was a clear reference to a song by jamaican rapper, Buju Banton, in which he advocates the shooting of gays - just look at the lyrics:

"World is in trouble
Anytime Buju Banton come
Batty bwoy get up an run
At gunshot me head back
Hear I tell him now crew

(Its like) Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head..."

In case you weren't aware, "batty bwoy" means "bum boy" and is a term of abuse for gay men, often used by black people. And no prizes for guessing what "Boom bye bye" means. Absolutely disgusting and I actually feel pretty bad about posting up such words on my blog... Fortunately at the time of the song's release, it was met with much protest and Mr Banton hasn't exactly made himself popular in certain circles as a result, being banned from performances in some venues.

Yes the song was released over ten years ago. It would seem that ignorance and narrow-mindedness still prevail.

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  • At 5:49 pm , Blogger Steve said...

    Superb poster and expressing just the right attitude. It's just a shame that some cultures are so closed up with bigotry and hatred that they're practically in the stone age... Buju Banton is an embarrassment to himself and black culture. He needs to get over himself!

  • At 5:44 am , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    Never heard of that "singer", with a bit of luck he won't become popular here.
    Great billboard too. Steve's right, give it a generation or two and these things will cease to be a talking point (I hope). I mean, I know how I'd feel if everything I did was gauged by what I did in the privacy of my own home or who I had lunch with. Our girls are being brought up to know that bigotry and hatred are a waste of energy.

  • At 12:54 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Steve - Yes I agree completely. Unfortunately there are too many black people out there with the same attitude. I don't want to appear racist but it's true. I think they need to include homosexuality as part of the school curriculum, thus enabling children to understand that it's a norm. The problem is, that would still come into direct conflict with some religions like Islam, which is very anti-gay...

    Amanda - Yes, Buju was better known over here and I doubt that he has penetrated (so to speak) the NZ consciousness. What a pity!

    Good for you for raising your girls to have the right attitude though. Excellent.

    Am I right in saying that NZ is a pretty progressive and forward-thinking place though?

  • At 11:07 pm , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    Well, on a good day I would agree with you. We have Civil Union's legalised here now and openly gay MPs plus we had an ex-prostitute/sex changed MP who is now Mayor (she even jokes about being Mare) of a small town!! I would say in general we are tolerant of individuals. You should come and visit!!

  • At 1:10 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Amanda - sounds like a good place to be! I love the idea of an ex Prozzie/sex change person as mayor! Radical! Mmm maybe you're right, I should get my butt over to NZ...

  • At 3:27 am , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    OFC, as we say over here...get your butt over here and the rest will follow! You and yours would be welcome to come sit round our woodfired pizza oven and just chill out!!

  • At 5:48 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Thanks muchly Amanda, I might take you up on that one day!!


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