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Hi there! Like other blogs, this is my chance to wax lyrical (some might say talk utter cr*p) about a) what's happening in my life b) all of my pet obsessions in particular music, tv, movies, books and other generally connected things, quite often of the retro, old and "cheesy" variety. Hence the title of my blog. Feel free to leave a comment if the mood takes you. There's nothing like a good chinwag about one's favourite topics and besides I love to meet new people! Cheers, Simon

Monday, December 24, 2007


Well as you all know, my posts have been a little scant of late, but I've already explained about that. However I SHALL return in the New Year, refreshed and revitalised, with some new posts up my sleeve. Promise! In the meantime, a big THANK YOU to those of you who have visited and commented on my blog during the past year and may I also wish you a VERY


I hope your Xmas sacks are as voluminous as the Cybermen's balls (Christmas ones that is...)

Much love
Simon aka OC XX

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Tag...

It's me!! Yes I have been coaxed out of semi-retirement by Steve who recently tagged me with this Christmas quiz. Yes the festive season is almost upon us and although I'm not exactly feeling as overjoyed as I once did as a nipper, am still looking forward to the break. Anyway here goes nothing...

"When people say 'Christmas' you immediately think..."

Mmmm. Probably presents, snow and Santa Claus. Though not necessarily in that order. Goodness, that sounds terribly materialistic, doesn't it? I haven't even mentioned the birth of Christ. It's Christ Mass for heaven's sake! Shameful. I guess to be more generalised, I associate Christmas with a time of giving and people being nice to each other. Why that can't happen on a regular basis, rather than just for two or three days per year, I don't know!

"Favourite Christmas memory..."

Yikes. Oh dear. This is going to sound weird, but I don't think I really have a specific Favourite Christmas memory, but several and too kind of generalised to go into! Certainly as a kid, Christmas was an occasion every year for me and one which I always looked forward to and enjoyed. And this year I have the prospect of spending the Yuletide season with my husband in our brand new home! So perhaps this year will bring forth the best memories yet...

I could of course mention my LEAST Favourite Xmas (gawd I can't be bothered to write out "Christmas" all the bleedin' time) which makes for a far more entertaining anecdote.

I must have been about 11-12 years old and I'd asked my parents to get me a Star Wars Millennium Falcon toy for Xmas. I got so ridiculously hyped up and excited about getting it (not to mention the whole Xmas thang in general) I didn't sleep all night, and the next day felt rather the worse for wear. I remember lying on the floor whilst "20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea" was on in an attempt to "work off" my illness, and getting told off for "lounging around". Although I did manage to sneak a few moments to play with my very impressive Millennium Falcon. Anyway that night, everything came out - I was violently sick everywhere in my bedroom, all over the place. My Xmas dinner didn't stay down. That'll teach me, eh?

"Favourite Christmas song/carol..."

I haven't sung carols properly for years but I remember being in the school choir. I also used to go to Midnight Mass at our church in York and sing lovely carols there. But that was a long time ago.

I am quite partial to "The Lullaby Carol" actually. Although a bit melancholic it's got a haunting kind of feel to it. Alison Moyet did a good rendition some years back, which is on my Definitive Xmas Songs Play List.

Actually this said "song" as well as "carol" didn't it? In which case...I also really like "It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It's Spring)". Although that one isn't really Xmas-themed...oh to hell with it! I like all the ones on my list! Go check it out!

"Favourite Christmas movie..."

"The Wizard of Oz" is a bit of a fave, and again although not Xmas-themed, definitely one I associate with the festive season. They don't seem to show it so much these days, having been surpassed by more of the big bucks, blockbuster-type movies. I remember watching "Wizard" when very young and being absolutely terrified by the part when Dorothy is trapped outside in the hurricane. Not to mention the nasty old witch. Uuuuggh. And the part when it goes all technicolour when she lands in Oz is dazzling, just the kind of pizazz you need at Xmas.

"Favourite Christmas character..."

Mmm. That is a tricky one. Father Christmas it too obvious (although I liked the Raymond Briggs incarnation). Not sure if I can think of many other Xmas characters to be bothered. Erm...am I allowed to mention a certain Time Lord? Well, he's fast becoming a regular Xmas character isn't he?

"Favourite Christmas ornament/object..."

I like Xmas balls (oooer) and the different styles, colours and patterns they can come in. Glitter balls are probably my favourite, having the disco-cheese connection. They also make very alluring earrings.

"Plans for this Christmas..."

Well as I said, it's my first Xmas in my brand new home so that's something to celebrate in itself! I'll be spending it with my hubbie and his cousin is meant to be coming to join us too. We plan to cook up a food feast, with the turkey and vegetables done Brazilian-style (so much more interesting than plain old English style!) and consume lots of drink whilst watching lots of TV and listening to festive toons on the stereo. Oh, and there's a certain sci-fi show featuring Kylie broadcasting early evening...all communication with the outside world will therewith cease...

"Is Christmas your favourite holiday?"

I guess so - mainly owing to the fact that it's the longest break from work! This year I finish on Friday 21st Dec and don't have to go back until Wednesday 2 Jan. So that's nice.

However one thing I've become increasingly more aware of is the bloody cold!! When I cast my mind back to my younger years, I don't seem to remember being bothered by it, but it's very noticeable now. So in an ideal world, I'd be celebrating Xmas in the warmth! Of course some might say that goes against the principle of the whole thing, but hey...Actually me and Gustavo were saying we might spend next Xmas in Brazil. Would be fab! And the prospect of carving up the turkey whilst only wearing a t-shirt and shorts, with the sun beaming down, is actually a welcome, if bizarre one...Yes, Amanda, soon you won't be the only one gloating all the way from the southern hemisphere, aaah haaa haaa haaaa...!

Er, yes.

Okay. I'm done. And now I'd like to tag a few of my fellow bloggers to see what they've got to say! So, Matty, Deemer, Alan, Tim, Paul, Nora and Andre....YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED, PEEPS!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hey y'all

Hello my lovelies...

Just a quickie (oooer) to apologise for my lack of posts and quietness lately, which has been noted by some of you already (thanks Matty and Amanda). I can't pinpoint the exact reason why but I just HAVEN'T felt like posting of late. Okay then, put it down to a mixture of lethargy and indifference and a bit of a lack of inspiration too...I've also felt slightly bogged down with other things, some of which are too personal to go into here. The horrid cold weather and dark mornings/evenings haven't helped either. Oh dear I am sounding like a real self-indulgent drama queen aren't I? But rest assured I will be back in the not too distant future. I've already started writing a couple of long posts (unusual for me then!) which will appear at some stage.

I think with Blogging you feel rather pressured to "keep up with the Joneses" sometimes (or should that be the "Bloggs"?!) Some of you out there are I know very good at regularly updating and this has made me feel that similarly, I should be keeping up. Bring on the pangs of guilt! On the other hand, there are others who probably only post once or twice a month at the most, so I guess I can take heart from that too. Basically you've just gotta go at your own pace.

But I WILL be back!!

At some point.

OC xx