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Sunday, August 12, 2007



But before I hit the sack, I see that - in spite of some very nice comments - none of you as yet have sent me your ideas for the next part of my "Carry on Doctor" skit.



Far be it from me wanting to sound threatening, but if I don't get some responses soon I will be forced to resort to drastic measures...such as TAGGING certain bloggers...


Nighty night.

OC x


  • At 12:59 am , Blogger matty said...

    Oh, but I don't think I know anything about Carry On skits other than i've always heard French & Saunders make fun of them. ????

    It is like Benny Hill?

    ...my crazy father used to love that show.

  • At 1:03 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Matty darling! To tell the truth you weren't on my target list, as I know as a US citizen you don't have much access to DW - plus you're not a major fan (in spite of your recent efforts to start watching it would must of course be applauded!)So don't worry pet, you're absolved!

    "Carry on" is similar to Benny Hill though, you're right. Old-fashioned, rather coy humour with an emphasis on the naughty side of things but never too explicit. And double entendres aplenty. That's British humour for you. Mind you things have moved on since then. My "Carry On" is a little more modern...

  • At 3:04 am , Blogger matty said...

    I could try to craft a Carry On scenario built around a gay bath house.

    ...I interviewed to work at one when I was at my most desperate for employment.

  • At 1:16 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Well you're welcome to give it a stab Matty, even though Donna hasn't tagged you! The more the merrier though! Just use your imagination/creativity - of which you have lots!

  • At 2:06 am , Blogger matty said...

    I'm going to do try and do some online research regarding the Carry On films and see if I can't craft a gay theme'd one around a SF bathhouse -- which is actually just a few blocks away!

  • At 12:55 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Good plan. When you put "SF" I thought you meant "Science Fiction" at first, he he.


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