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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Music and fashion were always the passion

I ain't blogged much the last few days. Not that much to write about I suppose, certainly nothing of earth-shattering importance. Had a nice Bank Holiday weekend though as I hope the rest of you did. An extra day off work is ALWAYS welcome. Gustavo and I got our hair cut and highlighted by our resident stylist (who charges bargain prices) in preparation for our trip to Braaaaaziiiiil - we want to look super chic and cool in Rio as we stroll down the boulevard in the Copacabana... I am a bit concerned about my stomach though - still rather fat in spite of repeated visits to the gym and exercise classes. I've been to step, aerobics and box-fit! My weight has diminished by a few pounds but sadly not enough to render me super-slim on the beach. Which means I'll just have to don a pair of baggy shorts to cover up my protruding mid-riff rather than the skin-tight thong I was planning on sporting. Yeah, right. Seems that the majority of fellas on the beach in Brazil favour nice, tight trunks though, but to do so you really need a body like this:

Mind you, I'm not sure if I'd want to don a pair of trunks that are quite so, erm, flamboyant. Not to say leaving very little to the imagination.

Nevertheless I'm still tres excited about going. We fly from Heathrow at 6.30am next Tuesday and have already booked our cab to the airport. A few days in Rio (which I've never visited before - it looks totally breathtaking) then we journey onto Uberaba where Gustavo's family live for a reunion. After that his folks and I are going to Guaruja, a beach town approximately one hour from Sao Paulo. We've hired a house and we're staying there for approximately 10 days. It's got an outdoor pool too. So lots of trips to the beach and lounging by aforementioned pool are in order. Relaxation and hedonism ahoy!! I can't bloody wait!!

Meanwhile the stuff with the flat we're buying is trundling along (Yes, you just KNEW I was going to talk about that, didn't you?!) Unfortunately the seller's solicitor has been rather slow with regard to getting off the paperwork to our solicitors, which threw a bit of a spanner in the works. Grrr. Been resolved now though and hopefully things will start moving along again shortly. The problem with me is that I'm the kind of person who worries about these things even when away on holiday. Calm down, dear! It's only a flat! Although a friend pointed me toward a fabulous furniture shop called Dwell which sells - strangely enough - fabulous furniture. I'm already beside myself just thinking of the fabulous furnishings and accoutrements we can buy. I just wanna spend, spend, spend! I think I'm turning into a seriously acquisitive Bourgeois queen, or Viv Nicholson, one or the other.

Incidentally any suggestions for interior designing our new pad are welcome. But not as camp or outlandish as Colin and Justin please. Lurid pink and flaming fuchsia are not an option.

Big Brother is due to finish tomorrow. I actually sat down and watched a proper installment last night, the first time in absolutely yonks. The contestants all made a video in which they imitated and dressed up as one another and their previous housemates - e.g. Brian as Charley - and it was actually pretty amusing and well-observed. I still haven't got much notion who I want to win. I can safely say I don't want it to be Ziggy. The twins or Liam I would probably favour most. I could add that I want Jonty to win too, as I only recently found out he's a major Dr Who fan - reason enough some might argue. However whilst a nice enough fella, he does seem kind of ... odd ... in certain respects ... have you read his BB profile? Erm, spanking anyone?!? Any interested applicants, with eligible posteriors should get in touch with Jonty NOW.

Oh and in case you were wondering, I do still plan to post your responses to my Carry on Doctor post, have no fear. Just haven't got round to it yet. And some of you still need to send me your entries. You know who you are!! The Chav will be coming aaaaafter yer if yer don't watch it!


  • At 4:06 pm , Blogger Flaming Nora said...

    Have a wonderful trip to Brazil! ;-)

  • At 5:49 pm , Blogger Steve said...

    Yes ditto that! And try not to let worries about the flat hold you back. I suspect that you'll be so blown away by Brazil that you'll find it easy to let all your worries fall away. Enjoy it - you've bloody earnt it!

  • At 12:30 am , Blogger matty said...

    Oh, come on! You and G are gorgeous! You will both put all the other boys to shame!

    ...I prefer not to wear any bathing suit when on the beach. I like to be free and unrestricted!

    However, I really do need to get myself back into shape! How sad the body falls apart so quickly!?!!? In January I was wearing a 29 and a 36" chest -- now, I wear a 31" (barely) and am back to medium size shirt to avoid looking pregnant!

    Not fair!

    However, I've a plan! No more food. That's it! No more. ...as soon as I put this box of Smartee's down -- no more food pour moi!

    Have a blast in Brazil!!!!! Take many pictures!

    Oh, and for designing your first own'd home -- might I suggest pink upholstery on everything? ...I tried to suggest this to B and he just looked at me with disgust and said "No"


  • At 3:04 am , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    Didn't Jonty run one of the appreciation societies or something? Anyway, I hope you and Gustavo enjoy your trip to Brazil.

    I shouldn't worry about your tummy, Simon. As long as your husband's happy with it that's all that matters and bugger what anybody else thinks about it! Have a great time and come back suitably bronzed!!

  • At 10:20 am , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    Ah, Brazil. Go for it buddy! (if you will excuse the informality). My niece went off to Brazil with her "soul mate, Bruno"..yes of course she came back with a tale of hell about themother-in-law with orginal witches-britches, however, nothing ventured nothing gained. You will love it. You will be fabulous.
    And, you will return to tell me what to wear to the civil ceremony (i.e. wedding) of my dear friends Tim and Ramon. AND, also as a matter of interest, what would be the best kinda wedding gift for them? For some reason I have this hankering to buy Japanese wedding dolls. Given this country's history that may not be a good idea, have already given them a framed photo of them both at one of my birthday parties...but he is a Memebr of Parliament here so I want to do something special. All advice welcome. They are both sooo wonderful. Let me know if you want to email me in private about this.
    Final word...CACHACA!

  • At 3:31 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Thanks muchly for your good wishes, all of you!

    Nora - I actually intend on wearing a Mavis Wilton style swimming cossie on the beach, but don't tell anyone.

    Steve - You're right, as I said I'm a born worrier. It's all in progress anyway so I should just bloody STOP worrying! Yes I'm sure Brazil will be fabulous, especially looking forward to Rio.

    Matty - Thanks for the compliment darling, how much money do you want?! He he...

    My God I can't believe you go in the nuddie on the beach! What kind of places do you visit that allow that? You couldn't get away with it here...not that you'd want to anyway with the freezing cold climate! It get rights up your crevices, you know.

    Yeah, well it's a being-in-the-30s thing isn't it? The weight issue that is. When I was in my 20s I could stuff my face (with food) and not gain weight. But from the measurements you've given me you do not sound fat atall! 31" is slim, man! I'm sure you're fine!

    No more food is easier said than done. Do you exercise much?

    And I will take lots of piccies, I promise.

    As for pink upholstery - mmmm!! I said NO pink! I agree with B! Surprising for a fag, eh?! Actually it's one of my fave colours (I'm wearing a pink t-shirt today as it so happens) but probably not in terms of interior design. Oh I dunno, a pink cushion or pouf (he he) here and there wouldn't harm I guess. But not the walls or the sofa. No siree.

    Timewarden - Hello, sir! I think Jonty did run a DW society, you're right. If you look at this profile I think it says something like that.

    I know you're right really, I'm happily married so it shouldn't matter. I think I'm just suffering from the typical self-consciousness that gay men exhibit sometimes in terms of their looks, body shape etc - well probably a lot of straight guys do as well, in our increasingly image-fixated culture! Also I've heard that the people in Rio are all amazingly buff and have great bodies so that's tapping into my major insecurities!! Ha ha, no I'm not THAT bothered. As I think the Dr himself once said, it's what's INSIDE that counts most isn't it?

    Sagittarian - No problems with the informality atall, I intend to fully "go for it!"

    You're right, I will love it and be fabulous. Not that I'm not already, ha ha. I've actually been to Brazil before, went in February 2005 which was my first time and met the hubbie's folks then! Unlike your friend I'm pleased to reply that I got on with all of them and vice versa. In spite of the fact that I can barely speak any Portuguese - but you know, I think you can pick up a "vibe" from people irrespective of language - and the feeling I got from all of Gustavo's family was a good one - they are all lovely people and very welcoming.

    Aaah you're going to a civil ceremony - how exciting! I am very flattered that you want to consult me for fashion and wedding tips. I will do my best! Yes, why don't you drop me a line and I can give you some advice (I looked on your blog but your email isn't listed so contact me instead - it's
    johnson2006_@tiscali.co.uk). Ta!

    Yes and cachaca is lethal!!

    OC xxx

  • At 7:35 pm , Blogger DanProject76 said...

    A Doctor Who fan who is odd?

    Whatever next?

    Is he a gay as well? :-)

  • At 9:04 pm , Blogger Minge said...

    I'm sorry I'm late with the Doctor tale...!

    And don't worry about the swimming trunks. I've heard that you can really fill a posing pouch.

  • At 11:19 am , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Dan - Yes, I know, there's a first eh? I sincerely hope he's not a gay though. There's far too many of them around already. Uuuuugh.

    Minge - I suppose I can just about forgive you, darling.

    And WHO has been spreading these rumours? Not that I'm denying anything.

  • At 6:52 pm , Blogger matty said...

    Oh, we have a great nude beach just outside of SF that I love --- St. Gregoria (I believe is the official name) ...then, there is a gay nude beach here in the city, but it is very cruisy and you'd have to be comfortable with being touched and that sort of thing. St. G is more private and about enjoying the free-ness. But, I'm not a San Francisco Hippie! Not!

    When I lived in New England, PTown was great for nude sunbathing but it was illegal. So you'd have to run to the water (quite cold) or pull up the sandy trousers quick!

  • At 6:17 pm , Blogger Minge said...

    Your man told me all about the length, girth and weight.

  • At 8:54 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Matty - Great that you have some beaches like that. I'm rather self conscious about showing my wilbur in public though and don't know if I could do it (especially if I was being touched!)

    Sounds like you're a naturist at heart, Mr Stanfield!

    Minge - So now I know what all those secretive emails were about...


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