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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Step back in time?

Wooohooo!! The Beeb have released their first pic of Kylie Minogue from the forthcoming Dr Who Xmas special "Voyage of the Damned"!! Look no further than above...

Apparently Kylie is playing a waitress on the Titanic called Astrid (sounds kind of Scandinavian...will she have a Swedish accent as opposed to an Austraaaaalian one?). Sounds credible. And she's looking pretty good and authentic in suiting with the early 1900s period! Nice outfit and boots (mind you she's rather dwarf-like in real life and David Tennant is tall and lanky so I guess they had to give her some stature, as it were!)

And they've also confirmed some other guest stars for the special - Geoffrey Palmer as the Captain of the Titanic and Clive Swift. The latter actor was last seen in Dr Who in "Revelation of the Daleks" as Mr Jobel as well as playing Hyacinth Bouquet's long suffering husband in "Keeping Up Appearances" (I'm just a mine of trivia). I'm sure he'll be good. Geoffrey Palmer has a wonderfully dry, sardonic quality to him (anyone remember him in "Butterflies"? Well you will if you're as old as me) and I'm sure he'll rise to the challenge of playing the ship's Captain. A plum role!

Of course things do also hinge on the quality of the story and the writing. And my all-time favourite ever Dr Who writer RTD (ha ha ha) is at the helm once more...so let's just hope that "Last of the Time Lords" was a temporary blip and Russell is back on form. I personally would prefer to see someone like Paul Cornell or Stephen Moffatt penning the Xmas tale but RTD did a decent enough job with the previous Crimbo specials. So fingers crossed...

And going back to the subject of Kyles, will she sing "Better The Doctor You Know"? "Give Me Just A Little More Time"? "Tears On My Console"? Or the title of this post? Okaaaaay... And although it might sound corny, I do hope the story gives Kylie/Astrid an opportunity to showcase her singing and dancing abilities. It's what she does so well after all. I can just see her suddenly ripping off her waitress outfit to reveal a spangly bikini and doing some disco moves down the starboard side of the Titanic! Okay slightly anachronistic, but so what. And Kyles should be flanked by lots of handsome sailors dressed in white suits, doing lots of raunchy dancing! Oh and the Dr would be joining in too. Whilst mountains of fireworks erupt behind them and the passengers do synchronised dancing. Mmmm!
A definite image is forming in my mind now. And I'd LOVE to know your thoughts on what Ms Minogue's gonna be like in "Voyage" readers! Post me your suggestions NOW!!


  • At 6:27 am , Blogger matty said...

    You're back! ...Just like Kylie!!!

    ...I just watched her on Series 3 of Kath & Kim! Loved it! She was quite funny.

    ...seems like i saw her act before, but as herself on Vicar of D. ??? ...or, was that a dream!?!?

  • At 6:37 am , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    I would like Kylie to play it straight and I think she could, given the opportunity. We had the dance routines in "Daleks in Manhattan" that might've suited her pop persona but this is an acting gig and the Titanic a serious subject.

    Some people have criticised the choice of subject for Christmas Day conveniently forgetting the premier of James Cameron's "Titanic", on BBC1, was on the very same day so I don't think that's a problem. If they treat it lightly or disrespectfully then I think it will be a problem!

    Any ideas who is directing? It could be Geoffrey's son Charles ("Human Nature") Palmer casting his Dad or Graeme ("Utopia") Harper casting his mate Clive, having worked with him previously on "Revelation"?!! Speaking of which, if "Voyage" is as good as that Dalek serial, I might even be persuaded to watch next year!!!

  • At 7:15 am , Blogger Steve said...

    Spangly bikini...? Hmm. You know you might just have something there. I think a petition should be sent to RTD right now!

    Do we know if the Doctor is going to draw Kylie posing in the nude? Or am I confusing that with another film?

  • At 12:58 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Matty - Yessss, I'm BACK! Oh yeah, I heard about Kylie's cameo in K & K - haven't seen it yet though. As for Vicar of D, I don't know!

    Tim - Yes, believe or not I was semi joking when I talked about "the dancing down the starboard side" stuff. Although I agree with your point that the Titanic is serious subject matter, I still think we need a bit of song and dance from Kylie - the fun and light relief before the disaster as it were.

    And you're right, it's a potentially nasty subject for Xmas but done properly it should go down well...whoops...shall I rephrase that?

    I think it could well be Charles P directing which as you say would explain the casting choices!

    Steve - Good idea about the petition, only thing is I suspect they're already filming...shall we ask them to scrap it and start again?

    I'm sure you'd LOVE it if Kylie posed in the buff but this is most likely going to be shown before the watershed...we should be so lucky, lucky, lucky...


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