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Friday, November 09, 2007

And because you were all asking...

...here are some photos of the new pad!! Finally. Bear in mind that it is a "work in progress" and NOT the finished product! (He said with some desperation)...

Here's part of the lounge BEFORE decorating began. Nice big Victorian windows eh?

Another side of the lounge. We've decided not to use the CD shelves as there's actually a massive cupboard in the room which will nicely accommodate my mountainous collection of CDs and DVDs. Gustavo thinks it's vulgar to have them on display and want them out of the way. This is the new "minimalist" us...less clutter...more space! (Or divorce beckons?)

The hallway leading from the lounge to the rest of the flat. The big lampshade is pretty fab and the previous owners were kind enough to leave it. However I've now realised that the black colour doesn't quite match our colour scheme. So we're replacing it with a new 'un...

The spare bedroom, which is basically been a dumping ground for everything. It's now been painted a kind of purpley-blue, pics forthcoming...

The other bedroom i.e. the one me and Gustavo are going to use. Was a pale blue, now repainted "Natural Hessian" on three walls and "Redcurrant Glory" on the fourth wall and looks much more striking overall! Again photos to come...

Me HARD at work! Who am I to slag off Donna Noble's dress sense eh? Anyway we started by repainting the skirtings and window frames, which was quite a major job.

My cute fella doing some touching up. Of the skirting that is.

Mmmm!! It's a bloody work of art!! One must make one's mark, as they say. But will my signature remain intact?

Someone getting butch with the roller.

The lounge walls, now redecorated in "Khaki Mists". It's to compliment the cream sofas, you know (even though they're not there yet). I know the walls probably don't look any different to before, but trust me, they ARE. They were sort of grey before, now they're a kind of light coffee brown which is much nicer. So there!

Another part of the lounge. With lots of newspaper. Those CD shelves get EVERYWHERE! Incidentally, anyone wanna buy some?

More lounge action....

And hope to be able to show you the final "Show flat" in the not too distant...!!


  • At 3:28 pm , Blogger Michel c. said...


    your house so beauty, i`d like to much.

    but on the pictures has a wrong think , i never saw gustavo hardwork

    Gu, are u ok? Are u sick!!

    God Bless you Boys

    Your Friend
    Michel C.

  • At 9:05 pm , Blogger matty said...

    The place looks fantastic!!!!!

    I'm so excited for you!!!!

    It kills me that you've had to lose that lamp! It so rocks!

    It looks great!

  • At 8:01 am , Blogger Steve said...

    Wow. It's looking good so far - I can see that a real vision is being realized before our very eyes. You both look very competent with brushes and rollers... we could do with a spot of decorating 'ere... are you available for hire?

  • At 11:52 am , Blogger MOTHER OF MANY said...

    That lampshade is amazing!
    That living room is huge,I am so envious as mine is barely big enough to swing a cat(not that I would of course).

  • At 3:55 am , Blogger Deemer said...

    Your flat looks sexy, just like the guys who are living in it!!

  • At 4:53 am , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    Oh happy happy joy joy!
    I love painting houses...such a shame I ain't living just round t'road.
    Have fun and I adore the paint-gear...very ab fab.

  • At 1:01 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Hi Michel, my Brazilian Brother-in-law!!

    Glad you like the house - and it's not even properly decorated yet!!

    How can you possibly say that about my husband?! For shame!! I REALLY don't know where you get these ideas from...

    Matty - Cheers - yes the lampshade was great - it just doesn't fit with the colourscheme - black is a bit too oppressive. We've found a similar one in white though which will be just as striking once it's up.

    Steve - Glad you think we are competent painters! I draw the line at real D.I.Y. though, not really my forte. Of course I'm happy to lend my services...for a price...lol.

    Mother of Many - Yes the lounge was a definite attraction! Sorry to hear that your own one is less spacious - then again look on the bright side, less painting, cleaning and hoovering to be done...

    Demmer - What can I say, I'm blushing!

    Amanda - Yes, I could have enlisted your services, love! You think the paint gear is Ab Fab? My trackie bottoms and t-shirt are now positively wrecked, covered in splurges of paint and sh*t...lovely! Edina and Patsy would NOT approve!

  • At 12:16 am , Blogger thomas said...

    Hey Simon - ugh - we could probably do with some more CD shelves if you're willing to sell some. you've seen our collection, i think... :-)

    congratulations on the new pad!

    I think we should hook up again sometimes, what do you reckon?

  • At 1:28 am , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    Jeez, I must have meant Ab Drab! Mwaah!!

  • At 9:24 am , Blogger Flaming Nora said...

    Can't wait to see the "after" pictures. It looks lovely, very welcoming so far.

  • At 11:11 pm , Blogger Lost Boy said...

    Shame about the lampshade but you could always flog it on eBay to fund more DIY. Well done for doing the work yourselves. I can barely be arsed to pick up a hairbrush, let alone a paintbrush.

  • At 11:54 am , Blogger Minge said...

    How utterly fabulous. Don't throw out that lampshade, though! Firstly, black's not really considered a colour, so therefore will go with anything and can be added to any scheme following the two colour rule. For example, green and red are, yes, two colours. Add black and you don't have a third as black's not a colour. And I adore bay windows. you're very lucky.

    Have you had it off in every room yet?

  • At 4:24 pm , Blogger The Poet Laura-eate said...

    Looks great so far - look forward to seeing the big 'reveal' at the end of the project!


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