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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Less than a month til broadcast...

And they've just released another very nice shot from the forthcoming "Voyage of the Damned." Kylie fans will be particularly happy this week as her new album "X" has just been released. (I've just ordered my copy from Play.com). Will Kyles/Astrid sing "Two Hearts" in the Xmas special? Naff but kind of appropriate surely?

In the meantime, do those golden angel things hovering in the background remind you of a certain past DW foe? Answers on Chinn's walrus moustache please... (hint hint)


  • At 4:57 pm , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    "Hark the herald, Axons sing..."

    I think Kylie looks quite sexy in both this and the original publicity shot from a while back and I'm someone who doesn't find her particularly attractive but admires her continued success against adversity. It's probably the boots!

  • At 7:58 am , Blogger Steve said...

    Axons hmm. I guess there's a clue there! Never having seen this foe in action originally it's all going to be brand spanking new to me!

    Just love Kylie's boots!

  • At 10:24 pm , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    Spanking and Kylie's boots...oh, its fun when you're naughty!!

  • At 7:16 am , Blogger Steve said...

    Too right - let's hope the Doctor Who script writers are taking note!

  • At 7:53 am , Blogger matty said...

    Wow! Kylie looks like a sex maid on the set of EYES WIDE SHUT or something! I'd watch that episode!


    The CD only came out in the UK -- it is, like $20 here. Is it worth it -- or should I wait till March? I think that is when it comes out in the US. ...but the cover art is way cool and you know that it will be changed for US release -- to something dorky.

  • At 1:21 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Well, all of you have guessed correctly - the Axons - or so it's rumoured. We'll see.

    Tim - Kylie does indeed look pretty fabulous. I guess she's not everyone's cup of tea but she's got a real style about her, for sure.

    Steve - You like the boots too, I see...Are you suggesting Dr Who should become some sort of kinky sci-fi show? Never!

    Amanda - Are you ready boots? Start walkin'!!

    Matty - $20 isn't much though, is it? Well not if you convert from English money!! That would be a real shame if they changed the cover, it's pretty damn good and anyone would be a fool to mess with it!

  • At 5:30 pm , Blogger matty said...

    I love the new CD, but still shudder at paying more than $10 from iTunes. But, thus far I think "they" have changed all of her album covers since "Fever" ...I think. I usually get it from Amazon.com UK because it takes 6 months before it comes out in the states anyway.

  • At 3:36 pm , Blogger Boz said...

    Have you seen the Beeb's Christmas 2007 trailer...?


  • At 8:21 am , Blogger Flaming Nora said...

    Catalogue Tony from Coronation Street is going to be in it too! (aka actor Gray O'Brien)

  • At 9:53 am , Blogger matty said...

    Guess what CD I have that doesn't come out till Feb!!?!?

    ...I'm not allowed to really say, but I have it and it IS amazing.

    Tho, it shimmers more than glitters.

    Actually, I suppose it could be all different by Feb, but STILL!

    I got my fix!!!!!

  • At 9:21 am , Blogger Boz said...

    Someone yesterday pointed out the clever thing about Kylie's character's name in the Christmas special.


  • At 6:31 pm , Blogger matty said...

    Where are you?!?!?!

  • At 10:50 pm , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    Yeah OC, have you been abducted by Salurians or what?

  • At 8:23 am , Blogger Minge said...

    I love the Axons. I sometimes paint my doo-doo gold and pretend I'm from the other side of the galaxy.

    Does that make me a crank?


  • At 6:38 am , Blogger The Sagittarian said...

    gee Old Cheeser, do hope you and yours are ok?


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