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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big Bitchin'

Last night the human equivalent of a hurricane swept through the CBB house. With a certain "gross cochon" as I like to refer to her (it’s French!) as the centre of the storm. I am referring to Miss Jade Goody, although after her behaviour last night, referring to her as a “Miss” is an honour she surely doesn’t deserve. Quite why I’m sticking her photo up here is anyone’s guess, the woman should be paying me royalties. I guess it was just because I loved the expression on her face.

I was going to continue by saying “Just in case you didn’t know…”! Which is a phrase I feel I use a lot. I do like to explain things to my readers, for the benefit of any uninformed / unaware people out there. I am just sooo helpful, aren’t I? (Although the explaining does get a wee bit tiring sometimes). Anyway, even people who refuse to watch BB surely end up hearing about it via the daily papers or other forms of media, and with the recent allegations of racist comments made against Shilpa Shetty, it’s been difficult to ignore.

But … just in case you didn’t know (!!!) … an argument blew up last night between Shilpa and Jade, starting off with a disagreement about stock cubes, of all things.

Roughly, this is what happened:

Jade acccused Shilpa of being a liar after Shilpa claimed the OXO cubes were the only item she had ordered from the shopping list.

Shilpa retaliated by telling Jade she needed elocution lessons.

To which Jade replied, "You're so far up your f***ing a*** you can smell your own s***!"

Not content with this, Jade quickly added that Shilpa should "Go back to the slums".

The argument finished off with Jade calling Shilpa a “f**cking loser”. (Shilpa had made some previous comment to Jade about her being not much of a celebrity – I can’t remember what it was she said precisely, but it was words along those lines, which prompted this reaction from Jade).

Whilst all of this was going on, Danielle and Jo sat smirking on the sofa.

Once Shilpa was out of earshot, Danielle said “She can f**k off back home” and “she can’t even speak English properly”.

Later on, when called to the BB room and asked about her “she can go home” statement regarding Shilpa, Danielle said that she had forgotten this and “couldn’t believe” she’d said it.

Blimey. The BB house is not somewhere I’d want to be right now. A clear divide has now clearly formed in the house between two groups: the trio of witches (Jade, Danielle and Jo) with male bimbo Jack in tow, and the others (Shilpa, Jermaine, Ian) with Cleo as a kind of floating body, trying to maintain neutrality. Not an easy or enviable task.

What’s more, Jade’s behaviour and attitude totally stank and she obviously takes after her mother in this respect. As the above attests, she ranted, yelled and screamed abuse at Shilpa, who remained calm and composed throughout. Quite how Ms Shetty achieved this in the face of what went on was nothing less than a miracle.

Not that Shilpa’s comments were entirely non-provocative. Not everyone would take kindly to being told they couldn’t talk proper! But in Jade’s case, I think it’s pretty much justified. The woman is ignorant, stupid, crass and offensive. She doesn’t know how to talk to someone properly, preferring to get her point across by yelling and shouting abuse. It’s one thing to be honest but it’s another to behave in the way she did and she really has no respect for people’s boundaries. She is also severely lacking in social skills. Who the hell does she think she is anyway?

And she and the other girls have become total bullies. Jo has taken on the role of the silent one but she has a slyness about her I don’t like. Danielle is worse and can’t even be honest, bitching about Shilpa behind her back and then pretending all is okay to her face. And she has the audacity to tell BB she doesn’t remember what she said about her before! When I flicked on the TV this morning, I saw her telling Shilpa that she didn’t want her to think they couldn’t talk to each other. Yeah, right. Two-faced cow!

As for Shilpa, I’m on her side for the most part. I don’t support racism in any form, and abhor all of the comments that have been made against Shilpa by the others; the comments made about her are totally unacceptable. See above for some examples of what I am referring to!

However one issue I do want to raise is how problems can arise when opposing cultures meet, as is the case with the presence of English and Indian cultures in the house, and in some ways this lies at the heart of the conflict between Shilpa and the others. I don’t think that Shilpa believes herself to be “better” than the others (as Jade supposes). (Ironically when Shilpa first arrived, I thought she was going to be a total prima donna, expecting others to do everything for her and disrespecting those “beneath” her. This has proved NOT to be the case and just goes to show it’s a mistake to judge by appearances). However, coming from a different background and class, Shilpa does have a certain code of behaviour / conduct and set of values which are different to some of her housemates. It’s notable that the more working class English girls – Jade, Danielle and Jo! – are the ones who have been least able to accept Shilpa. Ian, Jermaine and Cleo, on the other hand, have been far more enlightened and aware in their dealings with her. And therein lies the problem – a clash of culture and class. But even so, it’s Jade and the others that have proved to be the most reactionary of all, as well as misinformed and deeply paranoid, preferring to mock rather than understand Shilpa and her cultural background. A very unfortunate situation.

At the end of the day it shouldn’t matter where people come from. We should all strive to accept and respect one another irrespective of difference and co-exist in harmony. Or am I just being a fantasist?

I guess many would argue that without conflict, rows or disagreements, BB would be very boring to watch. This is true up to a point, and I have made the same observation myself!! But I still think Shilpa has been treated appallingly and there is no excuse for that, exciting viewing or not.

After all, CBB isn't a soap opera. It's real life.

Anyone with any sense will vote Jade out of the house on Friday. Certainly after her behaviour last night I suspect that she is now very much out of favour with the general public.

And I hope her witchey-bitchy partners aren’t far behind her as well. Out, damned spots, OUT!! You fiendish hell-cats!!


  • At 5:43 pm , Blogger thomas said...

    I think they made a mistake letting the Goodies into the house, it was a wild mix as it was, but having Jade & Co move in tipped over the balance. What do you expect, it's almost inevitable that it's going to get nasty...Also, Channel 4 should have intervened as soon as Jackie started to make all these comments and behaving the way she did towards Shilpa. It's too late now! I thought they had clear guidelines on racism, so why did it have to get that far?

    I thought it was good fun last year, a bit explosive, but very watchable. This year it's just too much!

    At least, no more annoying Carphone Warehouse ads apparently.

    And will the storms affect the house today?

  • At 10:24 pm , Blogger matty said...

    I find this all so interesting. ...Even tho I only know one of the celebs and Leo is already gone from what you've told me!

    But, it sounds so interesting.

    I'm so curious to know what an XOX Box is.

    "...Is it a bee?"

    XOX box -- or, is that one of the Sony Playstation things.

    I'm ever so confused. See? As well as you do explain things I do not know of the item that sparked this charged exchange!

    Also, is that a picture of a person or a fish?

    I wish I could see CBB.

  • At 11:06 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Hello liebling Thomas! Great to hear from you...Yes I think letting the Goodies in (and sadly I'm not referring to the comedy trio) has caused major problems! I guess (and I am playing devil's advocate here) it could be argued that their presence has made CBB more entertaining. On the other hand some of the goings-on have been deeply disturbing, the racism/treatment of Shilpa most of all. I agree some kind of bar should have been put on the comments before things got out of hand. As you say, it's now too late.

    I think the storm occured yesterday when Jade opened her mouth!

    Matty - Yes you are seriously missing out on this televisual extravanganza!!

    Well, actually not THAT much. And you have BB in the States don't you?

    XOX box - lol!! No babes, it's an OXO cube - which is a brand of stock cube, used for cooking!

    Good point, I think Jade is actually a hybrid of fish/human. Perhaps Jackie had sexual relations with a giant trout.

    Do you remember a US show called "Real World"? That was a kind of pre-runner to BB wasn't it?

  • At 12:48 am , Blogger matty said...

    I KNEW it! She isn't fully human! That explains the horror-show picture!! Is any of this on YouTube!?!? I should check!

    Yes, we do have BB. I haven't had television cable/reception for well over 3 years now. I don't miss it. Maybe i just never knew what to watch. Anyway, my ex used to love BB and I used to watch it with him but it was and remains a very white-washed version of what you guys get in the UK and I don't think that we have any Celebrity Version of it.

    I saw the first season of The Real World. Didn't care for it.

    ...everything gets edited in the US. Unless it is violence. It is OK to blow a hole in someone's head but sex and curse words are wrong. ...the American way I guess. ...it explains a lot.

    LOL! I still don't know what that thing is but if it is for cooking I've no use for it. I can't cook. I can clean, tho!

  • At 7:38 am , Blogger Steve said...

    Your BB synopsis is absolutely spot-on, old chap. Although there is undoubtedly a xenophobic/racist element to Jades, Jo's and Danielle's treatment of Shilpa I think the real issue for Jade is that it's a class issue. I realize Jade has had a tough upbringing but she's in a position now to improve herself... instead she seems happy to make her defects a badge of honour and blames other people for not accepting her short-comings. But why the hell should we? If she wants to remain a white trash witch then she has no reason to get irate when people treat her like one!

    Sorry - not very eloquent this morning: only just got up!

  • At 8:44 am , Blogger Samarcand said...

    As you know, I'm not following Big Brother, but you're right, I am well aware of everything that's going on there. I don't particularly blame Jade for her attitude. She's too stupid to know better. Which is no excuse but it's at least a reason. The people I do blame are Channel Four for allowing this to continue without any sort of intervention. By doing not doing anything and putting out mealy-mouthed press releases C4 are tacitly approving of this behaviour. I applaud Carphone Warehouse (and there's a phrase I never thought I'd type!) for pulling out of their sponsorship deal.

    Oh, one last thing. "CBB isn't a soap opera. It's life." ERm. Excuse me? You are joking aren't you? CBB is less realistic than Dynasty ever was. It's a case of let's find a bunch of washed up ex-celebs with ego's and put them together in an environment where they can't escape from each other and have no other distractions. And then film it.)

  • At 4:39 pm , Blogger Minge said...

    Jade deserves everything that's coming to her, the vile little c**t.

  • At 8:14 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Matty - US TV sounds like a mass of contradictions!

    Come now darling, stock cubes must be freely available in your country! I can't believe they're not!! Then again if you're averse to cooking, maybe that's why you've never heard of them!! Does your fella do all the cooking in your relationship then? Whilst you're the cleaning and scrubbing girl? (lol)

    Steve - I agree with all you say and no doubt you will have seen recent CBB developments. Well, you brought it on yourself, Ms Goody!! More later.

    Samarcand - Yes, I don't think this can be allowed to happen again and next I hope C4 intervene sooner (hopefully though, there won't be a next time). Having said that, Jade did get a severe talking to by BB and then Davina McColl so it wasn't as though she were allowed to get away with it.

    Actually I wasn't joking when I made "the CBB isn't a soap" comment. I agree it has contrived elements and is set up in an artifical way, to a certain degree. And it's carefully edited so only the "best", "most dramatic" bits get shown. If it showed every mundane moment, it would of course make for incredibly boring viewing.

    The point I was trying to make though is that unlike Dynasty and / or any other TV soap, the people and majority of the situations in CBB are real. These are not fictional characters performing from a script. If "Eastenders" features people making racist or derogatory remarks, or doing / saying things which can be perceived as negative or destructive, these are usually part of an ongoing strategy / storyline to raise awareness of certain issues. We know there's no real "harm" caused, as these are not real people saying / doing things (although in soaps there has sometimes been controversey over the matter of representation e.g. portrayl of gay or ethnic minority characters - but that's another story). But when real people start showing racist or bullying tendencies etc, there is no excuse for this. These people ARE responsible for their words and actions and can therefore be held accountable what what they say and do. That was what I was trying to say!

    Minge - How charmingly put! However I am in full agreement with you, pet! She does indeed deserve what she gets!


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