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Monday, January 29, 2007

What's your IQ?

I just did this test and - considering that I found it rather taxing and horrid in places (I'm not the most mathematically gifted or logically minded person) - actually finished up with a pretty good result:

Testriffic IQ test

That makes me less than a "Regional Genius" or "Universal Genius" but BETTER than "Extremely Brilliant". Yaaaay!!

Of course if I'd got "Mentally Retarded" or even "Around Average" you don't really think I'd have posted the result, do you??

Now YOU have a go!!


  • At 5:04 pm , Blogger matty said...

    ...I don't understand some of this test. Am I retarded? I thought those doctors were just joking around!

  • At 5:05 pm , Blogger matty said...

    ...I do miss the attic, tho.

  • At 10:09 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Matty - I too struggled with it but persevered! Even with the questions I wasn't sure about I had a guess - at least it gives you that option.

    You are probably cleverer than you know!

    Don't be shy, give it a try!

    Erm - the attic, darling??

  • At 11:00 pm , Blogger matty said...

    I don't understand the question with the little shapes/patterns. What is that?

    ...It hurts my head! LOL!

    In the south (US) in the 19th century families would lock their mentally and physically retarded family members in attics. Sad and horrible.

  • At 9:51 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    A-ha! Well then, at the rate you're going Matty love, I guess that's where you'll probably end up?


    Funnily enough in one of my favourite classics of English Literature, Jane Eyre, that's what Mr Rochester does to his first (mad) wife, Bertha. Which sends her even madder.


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