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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jack and Scott tie the knot...

I've been a bit slow to report on this one. Minge beat me to it. But in case you hadn't heard (oh DO change the record, dearie!!) John "Torchwood" Barrowman finally got hitched to his long term partner, Scott Gill, at the end of last year. Their civil partnership ceremony took place in Cardiff (home of the Dr Who production team and of course, Torchwood). You can read more about it here and see other comments and further photos here.

I think it's great that such a high-profile star is entering into a civil partnership. It can only help to promote a positive image for gay marriages and encourage more same sex couples to follow suit. (I wonder who will be next...? Answers on a postcard, please). And I should know, I'm a civil partner too! And so glad I was able to get wed to my fella!

Of course marriage isn't for everyone. If you've been with your partner for X amount of years, you may well consider your relationship ties to be strong enough already, without the need to sign some piece of paper. On the other hand who says we shouldn't have the same rights as straights - being able to inherit our partner's property when they pass away and so on - and in this respect the legalisation of civil partnerships in the UK is a real landmark.

As for John B and his hubbie, I have to agree with some of the comments made on Minge's post. They are both pretty and well-groomed, but also rather robotic-looking and frighteningly reminiscent of Crystal Ken. Just look at John's pristine smile! And his and Scott's nicely coiffed hair! I wonder if the real John and Scott were bumped off years ago to be replaced by Stepford Homo-clones. It's kind of true that gay couples start to resemble each other over time and that can be SCAREY. And what's going on with the dogs? What is it with gay men and bloody pets? They must be child substitutes.

Oh dear, I am starting to sound like a real bitch. And me a happily married man as well. Sorry. Bless you John! Bless you Scott! And your matching Calvin Klein underpants!

And nice to see John wearing a kilt (as a Scot by birth). I wonder if he went commando? And if there were any sudden gusts of wind in Cardiff? Unfortunately there's no pictorial evidence of that.

And thinking about it, I reckon the "second" Captain Jack Harkness (actor Matt Rippy) who appeared in the Torchwood episode of the same name, would have made a much nicer husband than Scott. Certainly I think he was a better looking chap. But that's probably just me being a perv, cos I liked the snogging scene in that story and would have liked things to have gone considerably further...ahem. That's quite enough of that.


  • At 1:36 am , Blogger matty said...

    I think it so awesome that marriage is legal there!!! Not that I think I would want to be married, but I firmly believe we should have that right!!

    I don't really know who these two boys are, but they are so good looking that I find them a bit bland to look at.

    I like men with a bit more character and I have trouble with the whole "Let's look alike thing" ...and they do. ...except one is in a skirt. Uh, I mean kilt.

  • At 1:49 am , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    Question is, Simon, had there been any "pictorial evidence" of John doing a Marilyn Monroe in Cardiff, would you have posted it?!!

    Regarding John's smile, I get the feeling he doesn't know how to react when under public scrutiny so has this big cheesy grin to cover all evils! There's no doubt in my mind, he's the perfect actor to play Captain Scarlet if they ever make a live action movie like they did "Thunderbirds"!!

    What I thought was good about the snogging scene you mention was the positive look of affirmation on Naoko Mori's face. That probably did as much to help general acceptance of the same sex cause as the kiss itself.

  • At 7:05 am , Blogger Steve said...

    I have to say that despite being straight, I liked that Torchwood episode too - very poignant - and it was about time that Captain Jack got some love-action... after all, his team had shagged each other and every alien in the vicinity of Cardiff absolutely silly for the 11 episodes that came before it.

  • At 7:06 am , Blogger Steve said...

    "Despite being straight" - huh? What difference should that make anyway?! I can like what I like! Yeah - let's here it for a free world!

  • At 12:54 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Matty - Absolutely, it should be there for people to want to do it i.e. get spliced. Each to their own.

    John and Scott are rather bland I agree. Male barbies and plastic with it.

    Mind you a John Barrowman doll with a raisable/removable kilt would be a nice idea. The question is, would he wear undies?

    Timewarden - On a similar subject, good question! It really depends just how much one is prepared to lower the tone on one's blog. And I feel I am rapidly sinking into a quagmire of perversity as it is, what with all this talk of Torchwood: Hardcore, what's under people's kilts and pics of men in their knickers. Still, I only have myself to blame for that eh?

    And yes, going back to the John B as doll topic, I feel he would make a very good Gerry Anderson puppet! And think what you could do when you pull his strings! Okay, here we go again...

    I think I missed the look on Tosh's face but that's good to know. She's obviously a right-on sister.

    Steve - You're right. Captain Jack was cheated in that dept. Then when he does find the perfect guy he's in a totally different time zone! Life sucks! I hope they have a rematch in the next series.

    And yes, of course, each person must follow their own path...


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