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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Before I crack on with other posts I've promised y'all (which I'm sure you're DYING to read)...I feel the distinct need to comment on the "Showgirls" dance performed by the CBB housemates last night... totally fabulous!

There you go. I've just commented.

And for those of you who didn't see it ...(a phrase I have NEVER utilised before)...The BB housemates were given the challenge of performing a rather complicated group dance routine to the Scissor Sisters' "Don't Feel Like Dancing".

After several hours of intensive rehearsals and a few frayed tempers (Shilpa got accused of being a control freak at one stage) the group did their final version to synchronised perfection. Well, almost fully synchronised. Jermaine and Dirk got a few of the steps/moves wrong, thus losing the team points. However the housmates still managed to pass the task and on the whole it was a remarkable performance. Not to mention great to watch. Ian as dance captain, shouting out the moves to everyone during the routine was particularly funny: "And helicopter...step point...march! 1,2,3...kick!"
The guys and gals looked equally glamorous in feather boas, head dresses and top hats. Shilpa was radiant (see left). Tres entertaining stuff!


  • At 1:34 am , Blogger matty said...

    I wish we were getting that shoe here. The whole international racial issue and the fact that BBC tried to hide it or deny it has gotten a good deal of press. B and I watched a lot of it on You Tube. ...We don't have TV cable/reception but the US BB is soooo much more tame. ...I always found it dull. The UK one is NOT!!!

    I love that SS song, but was not thrilled with their vid-clip for it.

  • At 12:43 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    That "shoe"?! That must be the Celebrity Big Brother Shoe then, as only worn by the very rich, famous and privileged...I imagine it would be a jewelled Jimmy Choo slingback that costs 1000s of dollars.

    But that's good that you and B can catch bits on You Tube! I think you need some more fags, dykes and drag queens in your US one to spice things up. (Of course that's assuming that gays/lesbians/transvestites can be fun - there are still some boring ones around though! And equally some "way-out" straight people...)

    Yes the Scissors are cool...Jake Shears is a flaming queen!


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